Checking the Firmware Version on a Tuxedo Touch

Checking the Firmware Version on a Tuxedo Touch

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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to check the current firmware version for a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad. Resideo, which was formerly known as Honeywell, will sometimes release firmware updates for the Tuxedo Touch. These firmware updates are designed to provide new device features and/or improve device performance and stability.

Updates for the Tuxedo Touch are provided via an SD card. You must download the updates to the SD card and then perform the updating process. This involves inserting the SD card and then resetting the Tuxedo Touch Keypad to get the updates to go through. After perform the update, it may be necessary to reapply the ECP address for the Tuxedo Touch.

But perform you go to update the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch, you might want to check its firmware version first. This is so that you can determine if a firmware update is actually needed. The current firmware version can be found inside the Keypad Information Menu. It is listed as the Software Version. You may want to note the Software Version on a piece of paper or take a picture of it so that you do not need to access the menu again later.

Remember that the Tuxedo Touch serves as both a Z-Wave hub and as a keypad controller for a Honeywell VISTA System. A firmware update may only affect one function of the Tuxedo Touch, or it may impact both its touchscreen keypad capabilities and its Z-Wave automation capabilities. This will depend upon the firmware update that is being applied. As the Tuxedo Touch is a relatively older device, new firmware updates are seldom provided these days. Once you update, you may never have to update it again. In fact, the Tuxedo Touch has effectively been discontinued and replaced by the newer and sleeker Honeywell Home Tuxedo Keypad.


Hey, DIYers. Jorge here from Alarm Grid. Today, we're going to be showing you guys how to check the firmware version of your Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypad. Now, today, we'll be working with this Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi. It's literally just two steps to get that firmware version. But the first thing I want to go in and talk about is what is the firmware version right now, the most up to date one, and how to actually get the firmware updated on your Honeywell Tuxedo. So right now the current firmware version, if you guys are checking your Tuxedo, is going to be That's going to be the latest firmware. Now, the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypads, they get their firmware updates through an SD card. Now, you have to make sure that if you guys are doing the firmware on your Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypad, you have the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypad and not just the Tuxedo Touch, which is the older version. It's essentially the non-Wi-Fi version. It's the non-Z-Wave compatible version of the tuxedo. It's a very older style keypad. Not many of you guys will have that, but again if your keypad on the back will say Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi or if you do have Z-Wave devices added onto your Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi system then that means you have the correct keypad. So the whole point of updating the firmware version for anything really is to just get any new features that may have been added to a keypad. So again, it's just always good to have an SD card on hand and to have your equipment on the latest firmware updates. So to check the firmware update on your Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypad, it's two very simple steps. There's a little gear wrench icon over here in the left-hand corner of the system or of the keypad. You're going to select that. And then again, in the same corner, bottom-left corner, there is going to be a little golden eye with three little interconnected computers it looks like. You're going to select that. Once you hit that, you're going to see the software version right here. Mine is actually on, but remember, the latest one is So if you guys don't have that version, you want to get it updated. We actually have very helpful FAQ with the firmware version that you can download onto your SD card and then the SD card that you can plug into your Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi to run that update. One very important thing that I want to note down here is if you guys do have Total Connect and automation or getting it set up, it's very important to get-- I think it backed out of the screen. It sure did. I'm going to go back to the same screen, again, two simple button presses. Very important, you're already on the screen with the firmware version. Quickly note down the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi's MAC and the CRC of your primary Tuxedo because your company will need that in order to add automation to your Total Connect account. That was just a little tip at the very end there. So again, this was just a quick video to show you guys how to check the firmware version on your Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypad. There is a new Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi out right now. It's this little bad boy right here. It was recently released. You'll see it has a more sleeker view, more sleeker, I guess, shape to it. It actually has a updated interface as well. So if you guys are looking at adding a keypad and Z-Wave, it actually does Z-Wave Plus to your system. Feel free to go check out the new Honeywell Home Tuxedo Touch keypad. It's the third generation. All right, if you guys found this video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and hit the little bell icon to enable notifications. Again, this is Jorge. And I'll see you guys next time.