Does The 2GIG GC3 Have A Compatible Touchscreen Keypad?

Does The 2GIG GC3 Have A Compatible Touchscreen Keypad?

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In this video, Joe discusses the two compatible touchscreen options that can be used with a 2GIG GC3 Panel. These options include the 2GIG SP1 and the 2GIG ...


idea is Joey from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how to enroll a keypad to your gc3 system now there's two main keypads that you're probably gonna be interested in for the gc3 there's the sp1 and the sp2 and we have both of those keypads here and we're gonna show you how to program them and program them in to the GC 3 there's another keypad called the pad 3:45 it's not touchscreen and it's only push button it's not a really popular keypad but it is fully functional and if an installation calls for it you can certainly use it but we do recommend that you do check out the sp1 or the sp2 as they're much more functional you'll get more out of it and they're easier to use now the two keypads are different the sp1 is a fully functional keypad it actually looks exactly the same as the GC 3 system and this is going to give you all the features that the actual GC three system has so you'll be able to control z-wave devices you'll be able to do pretty much anything that you can that's not programming based on the GC 3 system and it works great now the other keypad that you could install is the SB 2 this one it looks very similar to the GC 3 also it's just that what this keypad you're only gonna have your arming and your disarming functions so if you're looking for something more basic just to arm and disarm the system and see the system status then the SB 2 is what you're gonna want to go with but if you want a full fledge keypad yes p1 is the one to use now on the system itself you will I mean you're gonna want it on its latest firmware just for the best functionality and to have all the features up to date but the keypads they do or they are compatible with different firmwares if your system isn't on the latest the sp1 is the system has to be on 3.1 or higher and the SB 2 it has to be on 3.0 point 2 or higher now the latest firmware is above both those so if you go to our website and type in GC 3 firmware you'll see the the firmware update page we have instructions and the file just download the firmware update put it on a USB stick update your GC three system and then you'll know you'll be good to go now the keypads there's two methods you can enroll them to the panel you can them enroll over Wi-Fi or you can actually have them correct connect directly to the systems access point mode we're gonna just enroll them through the Wi-Fi method today but the AP mode is convenient as if you're on site or at a location that doesn't have a Wi-Fi router or it doesn't have Wi-Fi there you can use the system itself to connect the keypads directly to the system to use them as such we've already enrolled the keypads to the local Wi-Fi network so we're just going to jump into programming and show you how to enroll them to the system so on your gc3 we're going to click on the 2gig symbol enter our installer code which is one five six one is the default system config and then keypads now you have four keypad slots right here so we're on the first one we're going to click on keypad use and then we're going to enable it now on the second program in line you'll see it says equipment code this is the 2gig SB one that we have selected that's actually the keypad that we're going to learn in so we're gonna go down to device ID and then we have our pair option now on actually let's enable this so we're gonna click pair and now the system is listening for the keypad so now on our SB one you'll notice we've already connected it to Wi-Fi and there's a pair button if we click this it's going to broadcast and it should hit our gc3 system and there you go as you can see it says sp1 connected and that's pretty much it so if we go down there's some other options that you can enable you can say if it's a new or an older keypad this won't have any effect on anything else in programming and you can also enable or disable the the panic buttons on the keypad there's also a voice descriptor you can add but for that we're pretty much programmed in as far as the sp1 goes let's go ahead and add the sp2 to this system also so if I click the button down here and go back to keypads you'll see it did say of our programming I'm just going to select keypad number two and then keypad used we're to enable it and then on our equipment code we're going to click this this is going to be the SB - so we want to change it let's click the button here and then do SB - and now we're gonna go down to device ID and then click pair this will put it into listening mode again so now on our sb2 if we turn it on we're going to do pair device settings this is a little funny because there's a bug in the programming what you're going to see as you can see we have the IP address of the master panel there we're going to click the check button and now it's saying enter pairing key from master panel and you'll notice that on our gc3 there is no pairing key so when you get to this menu what you should do is just click the check button and there you go keypad was successfully paired and you can see that it is connected with our gc3 we're just going to click OK this is going to show this screen while your gc3 is in programming so on the side everything else looks good we can go back to keypads and as you can see we have our two keypads locked into programming now we have to exit to save this also will do return to system configuration you'll see our keypad button is indicating that we have made some changes let's click the back arrow and now it's going to show us all the changes that we made in programming and it's going to ask us if we want to confirm it we definitely want to so we're going to click Save and now the keypads are both in the system and they should be working so as you can see we have a couple error messages up here because we have some of the covers off and some other things going on but don't worry about that the sp1 is showing the main screen you can arm and disarm with it it looks exactly the same and on earth but this is the sp2 rather part of me and on our sp1 we literally have the exact same display as our GC 2 3 and that's how to enroll a keypad on your gc3 panel if you do have any questions about the GC 3 keypads that work with it or anything alarm system related feel free to give us a call eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight you can also head over to a website or send us an e-mail to support at alarm grid comm did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe click the notification button below if you want us to send you an update when we post future videos and have a great day take care