Wireless Touch Screen Keypad for GC3

2gig sp2 gc3 touch screen keypad for gc3

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The 2GIG SP2-GC3 is a wireless touch screen keypad for the Go!Control 3 alarm system aka GC3. This is the first auxiliary touch screen di...
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The 2GIG SP2-GC3 is a wireless touch screen keypad for the Go!Control 3 alarm system aka GC3. This is the first auxiliary touch screen display keypad that interfaces with the GC3. Before the release of this keypad GC3 owners were forced to use the 2GIG PAD1-345 push button keypad. The long awaited SP2 has a 7 inch full color, high definition (1024 x 600 pixels) display designed to add another point of control for the GC3.

The SP2 requires firmware version 3.0.2 or higher on the GC3 security system. If you need to update the firmware on your panel you can find the latest version here. Assuming your system has the proper firmware the SP2 connects to the GC3 through the access point built into the GC3. After the keypad is paired with the control panel users can control and view live status of the system. This is a great solution for entry points and peripheral areas of a protected space. It supports arming and disarming the system and even bypassing open sensors. There is an integrated speaker that will chime when zones are faulted if they are configured to do so.

This keypad does not support automation control for Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks or thermostats. The only way to configure zones and setup monitoring is through the installer toolbox. The installer toolbox is only accessible on the GC3 itself.

The keypad includes a 0.2A @ 5VDC transformer that plugs into your wall outlet and converts your AC wall power to low voltage DC power. There is no power cabling included and we recommend the LT-Cable. This is an 8 foot in-wall rated power cable with a DC barrel connector dongle. There are clean, spade connectors designed to fit under the screws of the transformer. The breakaway dongle makes power cycling the keypad less dangerous and more convenient. There is also a rechargeable backup battery included that will keep the keypad online during short term power outages. If you are not interested in snaking your power cable you can check out the 2GIG CP-DESK desk mount. This can offer flexibility to move your keypad around the premise without any hassle.

The dimensions of this keypad are 8.9 inches wide by 5.7 inches high by 0.95 inches deep.


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