Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell SiXMINICT

Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell SiXMINICT

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hey DIY ours I'm George alarmgrid today we're gonna be comparing a 5800 mini sensor to a six mini CT now both of these this is the 5800 mini this is a six mini CT both of these are Honeywell sensors they act just as any other door windows sensor would act so you go ahead and you place these on the frame with a house so whether it's the frame of the door or the window frame and then you would grab the magnet and you would place it on the actual moving or swinging part so if it's a door that swings open you go ahead and place this on the swinging part and you place this on the frame and whenever the door swings away causes little faults that fault is uh basically the signal that the sensor sends over to the system letting you know hey there I'm I read switch the internal read switch no longer has a magnet connected to it which causes that fault signal and it sends it over to the panel now they're both gonna act the same so they both have an internal read switch that a magnet connects to and once you move away the sensor then sends a signal first let's talk about the 5800 mini this is a 5200 mini sensor so this transmits at 345 megahertz frequency so any Honeywell system that has a 300 frequency received 345 RF frequency receiver is going to be compatible with the sensor so this is gonna go to the lyric it's gonna go to any links panel it's gonna go to any GC 3 or GC 2 and if you have a Vista system that has a wireless receiver in it this is also gonna work with that now one cool thing about the 1500 mini is I actually took the battery out before the video so I could show you guys this now we've opened the sensor a lot but if you look on the side here there's a little tab you just go in and grab a flathead you put it in flat you twist it to open and it pops the side right out let me just pull it away there we go now cool thing about this 1500 mini for those of you who are just gonna begin to power it on is it actually has two LEDs a green and a blue one the blue one is to let you know when the magnet isn't contacted the read switch and the green is to let you know whenever it's transmitting so I go ahead and install the battery these all these both sensors use a coin battery by the way plus side is gonna go up as soon as I push it in I'm gonna put the cover back on we're gonna do I'm gonna show you guys here so you're gonna see a green light on this side and then a blue light on this side whenever the magnet comes in to when it comes into contact at the read switch you're gonna see the blue light is gonna turn on I pull it apart the blue light turns off but the green starts flashing letting you know that the sensor is transmitting so the blue light means magnets in contact green light sensors transmitting this could work this only I'm sorry this only works within the first 10 minutes of installing the battery into this sensor basically it's to help you install it so if you're installing it on the window and you don't know the distance or how far away you can put the magnet you the blue light is a pretty good indicator so if you place it close once you see the blue light the blue that lets you know hey okay the read switch is reading the magnet yeah now for these sensors keep in mind you typically don't want to have the magnet that far away what's recommended is usually a quarter of an inch to half an inch apart that's the gap that I would probably stick with so that was a 5800 mini now let's go on let's go on to the to the six mini CT now first thing I want to show you is I just want to compare the sizes right so if you placed a 5800 mini right on top of the six mini CT you're gonna see the 5800 Mini is slightly smaller overall the death which is how deep it is well that one has a sticker let me flip it around so you guys can actually see the other side you'll see that the 1500 mini is slightly skinnier than the six mini CT so this is a 5800 mini that's the six mini so yeah all around the 5800 mini is gonna be smaller than the six mini Ct however wherever you guys do plan on placing whether it's a window or door it is going to be aesthetically pleasing either way they are pretty small sensors all the other sensors besides this are pretty big compared to these now one thing about this one that you guys want to know is that it offers a longer range so this one has a 300 foot range and this 5800 mini has 200 feet the good thing about the 1500 mini you can actually use a repeater so you can extend it out another 200 feet this one since there is no encrypted repeater it only goes to 300 feet and that's all it is also one important thing you know you need to know about this sensor is it it it is only compatible with with the lyric controller yeah so it's not compatible with any other panel it does use the the six series and it actually transmits at a 2.4 gigahertz radio frequency yeah it is it is also encrypted so it actually uses I believe it's 128-bit AES which is advanced encryption standard so it actually whenever it sends a signal or whenever it gets firmware updated or any interaction it has with the lyric system it actually has a key both the lyric system and the sensor need that key to send signals back and forth so that's why it is encrypted nobody can actually hack this little sensor you would need like a supercomputer to do it but the sensor is basically unhackable unspookable one little thing i want to show you guys so whenever you guys do get a 6 min ECT and you guys want to confirm that it is brand-new it actually comes with a battery tab once you pull it there's gonna be a green LED that starts flashing it should start flashing rapidly for about I think it's like 20 or 30 seconds that's letting you know that's that it's in a pairing mode with the lyric system now if it's slow blinking when you first power it on that means it has not been it was never removed from the older panel which you have to default the sensor I'm gonna show you guys this one is not learning into any panel so you should start fast blinking and since I don't have the battery tab anymore I have to tamper it I'll show you guys just in one moment here now these things are pretty different the covers are a little bit difficult to take off make sure you get a flathead stick it flat into the side twist and it should start popping the cover off there you go and it is fast blinking I'll put it into the camera and it just stops so it does go into a fast blink for a good amount of time if I hit that tamper one more time it should start to flash fast blinking and you should be able to see it on the inside as well as well as the outside yeah so that's letting me know that this sensor is brand new it's not learning to any system I have seen where sometimes you do need to default the sensor just cuz it was you know tested in the factory just to make sure everything was working and they may have forgotten to delete it from the lyric system so uh yeah just make sure if it does slow blink that you default the sensor and we actually have instructions on how to do that on our website as well and that is pretty much a quick overview about the 5800 mini and the the fixed mini CT yeah if you guys do have any questions email us at support at alarm care calm and if you found this video helpful all you have to do is make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload a new content you guys do get notified my name is Jorge I'll see you guys next time