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Norton Brownsboro Hospital implements an internal security system that ensures access to the building is controlled, and the rest of the hospital is monitored.

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Norton Brownsboro Hospital implements an internal security system that ensures access to the building is controlled, and the rest of the hospital is monitored.


Dave Whittaker: This is a 128-bed community hospital, which is part of a larger health care organization in Louisville, Kentucky Norton Healthcare. We employ about 10,000 people and approximately 3000 physicians.

Angie Stokes: The Norton Brownsboro Hospital project was the first new hospital in this area in over 20 years and Norton Health Care is one of the premiere healthcare providers in this region, so it was important that the new facility one was the cutting edge of technology. What we wanted to do is provide a system that could be integrated with what they already had and would be easily maintained, easily added to.

Darrell Covington: Basically, Norton was looking for a system to replace their aging access controlled and closed circuit TV system, which were not truly integrated.

Dan Kleone: We recommended IP for a cost savings, less cable runs, and they were pretty much sold on what we brought to the table.

Rusty Dean: Changing over a security system on this type of scale presented several challenges in terms of how to manage it. The hospital wanted this implemented within a year, and they found that they had their own internal constraints with trying to manage that type of change, on such a large scale while maintaining existing system they had until the new one was installed.

Dan Kleone: And the solution we chose was Honeywell, one total solution and we strongly believe that's what gave us the job.

Angie Stokes: The Honeywell solution for them makes sense, because they can add anything across the board from IP cameras, all the way down to the card reader that's on each door, and all of those pieces can interact together and they can interact just at that facility, but they can also interact system-wide. Darrell Covington: The reason the hospital decided to install the Honeywell Solution is because of the true integration that Honeywell brings to the table with the video and access control products, as well as intrusion. Brad Nunn: By choosing Honeywell they have chosen a partner that is going to stand behind what is installed. It's an important facility with lots of security needs, and they need that equipment to be working 24/7. They've got a dealer here, Ready Electric that's going to stand behind it, and a manufacturer in Honeywell that's going to be right behind them.

Dan Kleone: What we have installed is the Honeywell Pro-Watch system. We also have the IP, the Fusion, and that's all integrated, so they can see that at each specific hospital, or they can see it downtown at the corporate hospital.

Dawn Spencer: Dan and I work together along with other Honeywell support to design the system that the customer really was asking for, down to talking about how the video will be recorded, what cameras best fit their needs, how the end user will control the cameras and the management software.

Dave Whittaker: Our access control, our Pro-Watch, our cameras, our emergency boxes in the parking lot, all of its tied together into one central monitoring unit, and one person can look at all. We had to have something that someone could multitask. We can't afford to set someone in a room and watch monitors all day. They have to do other things also, so we had to base our system on that.

Dan Kleone: The hospital chose the IP, because of the technology it brings to the table. The picture quality is second to none. It does go on the network. It's taken up less bandwidth than it did years ago. Not only can they use that onsite, they can use that downtown at their main hospital, and other sites.

Dave Whittaker: Our overall number one goal with this hospital is for people to feel safe, and we have to have the right equipment, and the right technology. Honeywell has exceeded our expectations and I think a lot of that is Honeywell, and I think a lot of it is their partnership with Ready Electric, to work good together to give us what we need.