Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship implemented a complex Honeywell security solution for their campus. Honeywell's system helps them keep their campus safe.

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Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship implemented a complex Honeywell security solution for their campus. Honeywell's system helps them keep their campus safe.


Rolla W. Goodyear: Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, started by Dr. Tony Evans, a little over 33 years ago. Our mission is to disciple the church to impact the world. We live in a day and age in which there is not a guarantee that even for a church, that we won't have crimes against persons on our properties. Our needs here have grown in that as the church has grown and wanted to bring the security system up to the 21st century.
Lamonte Henderson: My part in that would be to keep us up on technology, to be able to impact the users here, and help them to better serve the community.
Rolla W. Goodyear: We met with Stanley and in particular Josh Hogan. He brought to us a solution that would utilize much of our existing equipment, and yet added new equipment that was state of the art.
Joshua Hogan: With this campus there are more than just the two buildings. They wanted to start implementing video surveillance for those facilities, but at the same time, come up with a solution to take in those two existing buildings, that had existing analog cameras.
So with Honeywell, we were basically able to use encoders to transition those analog feeds, bring those into a server, kind of springboard into the new buildings, which is just traditional IP cameras. They really wanted to avoid having to reinvest every three to five years with replacing a box.
Lamonte Henderson: Emphasis on us going IP initially came from this new structure we were trying to move towards. We were setting up different VLAN's, setting up different networks, seeing that Honeywell would be able to do that with our IP systems. Now that was one of the reasons why we chose Honeywell.
Ron Dublas: Oak Cliff had an antiquated system in some buildings, and no system in other buildings, and they also had fire systems, intrusion systems, and a controlled access system. We knew that the church was going to grow, and so we needed a scalable the solution. The Enterprise IP Video product answered that requirement.
Jarrod Wittlin: Working with Honeywell we were able to devise a solution to make sure that Oak Cliff had the proper coverage. We came along with the IP solution on one, and analog for the existing 32 cameras that they have. As for the access control, we went with Pro-Watch, also over the network, so giving us the ability to run over his network, for all of his solutions, including his burglar alarms systems for monitoring back to our monitoring center, as well as being able to monitor off of his Pro-Watch system.
Phillip Murray: I think we have setup over 50 cameras securing the property; we can look everywhere.
Lamonte Henderson: The software is very easy, able to manipulate some of the cameras around. Be able to view what I want to view, when I want to view it, down to the second.
Joshua Hogan: So it was kind of neat to have a solution in place that could take some old technology, and kind of give it the look and feel of something new.
Ron Dublas: Everything went in as planned. The customer was so impressed that they moved into trying to integrate their other systems access, intrusion, and fire into the Enterprise software.
Lamonte Henderson: I see that we're right now in the 21st century, and we're moving forward towards something greater.
Joshua Hogan: From start to finish, Honeywell really made the process for both us and the customer a delightful experience.
Rolla W. Goodyear: Part of the reason why we chose Honeywell, Stanley was so that they could grow with us, because we knew we would be growing, and so we're looking forward to what God has planned, and the growth that I know is coming.