Security Stories Loveless Cafe

Security Stories Loveless Cafe

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Tony: This security story brings us to a true national treasure. The Loveless Café in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm here for a delicious slice of Americana, the kind they've been serving up here roadside since 1951. I'm also here to find out how Honeywell is helping to protect this landmark, its employees, and the thousands of visitors that flock here each year.

I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. Let's get started.

Tony: Let's go.

Tony: Jesse, how are you?

Jesse: Hey, how are you? Welcome to the Loveless.

Tony: Hey, why don't you tell me a little bit about the history of the Loveless?

Jesse: Back in 1951 it was a husband and wife originally, Lon and Annie Loveless. They moved here to this little house on the side of the highway and started selling fried chicken and biscuits right out our front door to travelers going up and down the road eating on picnic benches. Well, they turned one room after the next of this house into a restaurant, built the motel rooms, and here we are all these years later.

Tony: Tell me about this room. This is interesting.

Jesse: Well, we call this our welcome room. If you look around you can see all kinds of famous folks who've been here to dine with us.

Tony: Hey, I have a picture. If I sent it to you, would you put it up on the wall?

Jesse: You can send it, no promises about whether or not it makes it up on the wall.

Tony: Okay, fair enough. I also want to know about the security system that you have installed here.

Jesse: Well, you know you'd probably get that from MJ from ADS. She really hooked us up on that. She's over at Hams & Jams, she can fill you all in.

Tony: Great. And oh, before I go I also wanted to pitch in today.

Jesse: Well, we've got plenty of work around here. We'll put you to work.

Tony: Awesome, thank you. I'll go see MJ.

Jesse: Okay.

Tony: Let's meet with the person responsible for the security technology installed here. MJ, cream and sugar, just the way you like it.

MJ: It's perfect, thank you.

Tony: How are you?

MJ: Oh, I'm great. What a great way to start the morning.

Tony: So tell me, what does it take to secure this complex?

MJ: Well ADS and myself, are just honored to be able to do all of the Tom Cats projects. And what we've done here is we've provided intrusion and fire alarm and camera systems, as well. We have a number of buildings. This is an entire complex. We start out with the famous Loveless Café. Hams & Jams is behind us, offices behind the café, and the event barn.

Tony: Great. The intrusion system, tell me about that.

MJ: Yes, we have a lot of artifacts and we have a lot of retail merchandise that's for sale here. There's quite a storeroom of country hams, and country hams are very expensive. Inside the Loveless Café we have a number of pictures that have been autographed by celebrities, a number of whom are not with us anymore. So those are artifacts that are priceless, and we have a fire alarm system there. We certainly would not want something to happen in the middle of the night.

Tony: So tell me, how are you using video here?

MJ: It's being used for observation, for identification, and for

Tony: Are they enjoying their system?

MJ: Absolutely.

Tony: Honeywell products?

MJ: Absolutely, I don't use anything else but Honeywell.

Tony: I love that, great. So how does the staff and management team feel about what's been installed here?

MJ: They depend on it. They know that things are protected and they can go home and they can rest.

Tony: I'm, smelling this wonderful smell.

MJ: Well, telling you know that ADS protects what everyone treasures most. And what they treasure most right here at the Loveless Café is our hams and biscuits, and we'd like to go in and meet Mel, and let's have breakfast.

Tony: Sounds good to me.

MJ: Okay.

Tony: Let's go. Hi, Hope. How are you doing, I'm Tony.

Hope: Good.

Tony: Jesse sent me in here, he said you're an expert at making biscuits, and he wanted me to learn from you.

Hope: Well, let's get started.

Tony: All right, what do we do?

Hope: All right, you want to butter the pan for me. To the side we're going to have a little flour on the bottom. Get me some dough.

Tony: So I'm kneading.

Hope: Yeah, now roll it out. Now you've got to put some muscle in it.

Tony: All right.

Hope: Now start cutting them out. You've got to be fast at it.

Tony: Faster?

Hope: Faster. Look at that big, old biscuit.

Tony: All right.

Hope: Just stick on the pan and six across and seven up.

Tony: I'm interested in the eating of the biscuit.

Hope: Just take a little bit of that butter and just splash it on top.

Tony: Is that why they taste so good?

Hope: Yes.

Tony: I'm ready.

Hope: After 7 to 10 minutes they should be done-rised, and you put a little butter on top and their all done.

Tony: Great. Well, I appreciate it.

Hope: Do you think you can do it?

Tony: I can do it.

Hope: All right.

Tony: Good morning.

Jesse: Good morning.

Tony: You know at Honeywell we're committed to providing you with world- class product, right? But we're also committed to service; how about that, I cooked those biscuits.

MJ: Did you bake those?

Tony: I did, enjoy. And thank you for watching another security story. I think I'm going to sit down with the ADS team and have a great breakfast.

Jesse: Oh, no, no, no they need you back in the kitchen.

Tony: You want more biscuits?

Jesse: Yeah.

Tony: Okay, great, enjoy. And thank you for watching.