Using with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Using with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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hi di wire's I'm Jorge from alarm grid today I'm going to be going over if will work with a quote this IQ panel - the simple answer to that is yes alarm comm does work with equals IQ panel - the closest IQ panel - plus alarm comm works with dc-3s 2gig systems inner logic systems DSC systems alarm comm works with a lot of different systems out there but today's purpose I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make it work with a quote Sasaki panel - so the first thing is you actually need an active alarm comm service so alarm calm it's basically an interactive platform that allows users to communicate to their alarm systems through an app or computer and it allows you to arm disarm create email text message your alerts look at the status of your system and sensors control z-wave devices that are tied into the system control alarm comm cameras whole bunch of different things that you can get into and I'm going to show you guys that in just a second but I want to first go ahead and get into the actual activation of the alarm comm system so in order to get alarm calm service you need to be signed up with a monitoring company that actually deals alarm calm or that provides the service now if you're looking at getting monitored with us we do offer service those would be any of our cellular base plans alarm comm pretty much requires or pretty much only has cellular price plans and that's kind of a way to get their users to always have a cellular path enabled if you're paying for cellular you're going to want to use it and the reason why you always want to use cellular as a communication path is it's more reliable phone line which is the least recommended it's unreliable and it can be cut the phone line outside the house internet a little more reliable that's our second record our second recommendation to use it's fast it is you can connect through Wi-Fi is pretty easy to connect and almost everyone always has internet in their house and it's a little more rely and phone line and then the most reliable one would be subtler which is why alarm calm pretty much only has cellular based plans cellular it can be cut if the power goes out cellular will still remain live and all of the IQ twos and the IQ two pluses all have a cellular communicator built in whether they're AT&T or Verizon now what if you get an 18-2 your Verizon SIM card that's in the system how do you get it activated what do you do you actually do not have to worry about that at all the alarm companies are the ones that actually take care of activating those AT&T and Verizon services for you when you're signed up for the plan so you do not have to contact AT&T you do not have to contact Verizon you don't swap out any of the SIM cards you don't add anything to your already existing plan that you have with these cellular providers the alarm company handles everything they're the ones the registration goes through when they create the account and then the the study of your fees get associated to their company to their account so you don't have to worry about any of that now the IQ to an alarm calm after you signed up with your company and they've gotten you activated you will get your login or your welcome emails so that you can get locked into the application so the only thing you have to do to make alarm comm work with your IQ - whether you have an Android device whether you have an iOS device an iPhone all you have to do is go to your App Store or to your Play Store search for alarm calm and after you search for alarm calm you'll then just be able to download it use your login credentials your username and your password and then you can log into the app arm and disarm and do all these other cool things I'm going to show you in just one second so let me go ahead and get my iPad already here I'm actually I'm sorry I'm using an Android tablet today again this will work on Android devices iOS devices it'll even work on your computer as well you just have to go to the website instead of downloading an app so from here just one moment all right so I already have my app downloaded I already have my app logged into my accounts so when I click on this app right here it's a little gray and black icon it's gonna take me to my main page this is where it's going to show me the status of the system pretty much everything in summary now if you haven't logged in if it's your first time it's gonna ask you for your user credentials so you're gonna need to enter in your username and your password after that you should get a screen similar to this if you don't have video you won't get the video camera you don't have lights you won't get the lights you don't have thermostats etc if you don't have a feature enabled on your counter if you don't have devices configured into your system you pretty much won't get any of these extra little like subdivisions that I'm getting here in the application now to get more in-depth here I'm gonna go ahead and hit the little menu icon in the top left it's the three horizontal line so above each other and from there you can go ahead and see that I have scenes security system images locks video lights thermostats users notifications geo services login information a whole bunch of different things that I can choose from let's go ahead and first go to security systems so I can show you guys how to I can arm and disarm if you'll see here let me go ahead and wake up my cue to the system is showing disarmed same as my my application if I want to do an armed away once I hit on the way it'll go well it's gonna ask me confirmed arm away command silent arming no entry daily these are just different options you can choose from I'm just gonna go ahead and send it as a normal arm away it pretty much immediately follows the command just cuz I have pretty good service here my tablet's gonna to Wi-Fi so the command will still pretty fast and my Q 2 is my IQ 2 is also connected to Wi-Fi and it also has Verizon LTE so the commands are you gonna go through pretty fast if you have good reception and good connection I'm gonna go ahead and disarm it I'm gonna hit the menu up button again botton the top left corner I can go to my video camera from there I can view my video camera I can go to my lights if I want to control my light I can hit the on which is a little yellow and white icon and it'll turn on my light bulb I can turn it back off now again this is just an example of one light a lot of cool things I've seen people do is whenever they arm the system away or whenever they arm the system night they can automatically say that as soon as I arm where as soon as I arm stay I want you to turn on my porch lights lock my front door my back door closed my blind shades closed my garage door a whole bunch of different cool and your actions and scenes and rules that you guys can create when you guys have z-wave devices and when you guys have started making your home into a smart home all right hit the top left icon again I can go to my thermostat I can change the thermostat temperature it'll change the thermostat in the office I can go to my users I can create and delete users through this app here if you look at the top right where it says add a new user if I go there it'll basically take me through a wizard setup so I can set up a new user and the code will actually be pushed from the app and servers down to your IQ - you can set geo services so geofence features so that if you leave the premise or whenever you come within radius of the house you can automatically disarm your systems start getting the house cold for you start turning on the lights or turning on the lights opening the garage door different things here I'm gonna go back to the home screen and yeah that is just a quick video on how you can use alarm calm with the IQ - or even the IQ Plus either one works amazing if you guys are interested in getting service for your IG - please contact us send us an email to support if you found the video was helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so when we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time