Resideo TC2 & IFTTT Quick Reference Guide - Dated 03/19

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For more information
If you have not yet downloaded and signed up for IFTTT on your mobile device,
please do so now. Visit your app store to begin.
IFTTT and Resideo Total Connect 2.0
Simplify Your Life and Connect More Devices and Services
IF T T T (If This, Then That) is an app which connects two devices or services to create “applets.” Applets
automatically run an action based on a trigger occurrence. By using IF T T T, you can connect your devices to more.
This is just one example of an
Applet using Total Connect.
With IFTTT, your options are
endless. Explore the list of
devices and services to see
what is already in your home
today. Total Connect can act
as a trigger (This) or an action
(That). Please make sure to
look through all options to see
what could apply to you.
From the “My Applets” page, click

the “+” sign in the top right corner.
Click on the “+this” icon.
Search for Total Connect and

click on it.
You will be prompted to login
to Total Connect for your first
time only. Please use your Total
Connect 2.0 login credentials. If
you have multiple panels, click the
check boxes to select the panel
you want to use.
For this example, select

“Total Connect security

panel alarm detected.”
Select which panel and security
alarm for alarm type, then click

create trigger.
Click on the “+that” icon.
In the search bar enter “Phone
Call” and then select the option
labeled “Phone Call.”
Enter your office number,
emergency contact or neighbor –
this gives extra peace of mind, in
case you can’t get to your mobile
device at the time of an alarm.
You can also customize the
message received or use the
stock alarm message shown.
Follow steps IF T T T presents to
confirm the phone number.
On last screen, you can edit the
name of Applet.
Click “Finish.”
How to Set Up a Total Connect Applet

(Note: This example, Call My Office When Alarm Going Off, is one of many
options to select from; you may select any options you wish.)