Can an SVR-122 be Viewed Remotely?

Yes, an SVR-122 can be viewed remotely. You can use the Mobile App to view any footage currently saved to the SVR. You can also view the live stream for any of the cameras, as well as any saved clips. You can view this same activity through the Website.

The SVR-122 is a stream video recorder (SVR) that is needed for 24/7 continuous recording using Cameras. By accessing the SVR-122 from, the end user can configure the device for a constant 24-hour recording schedule. The user will just have to make sure they do not exceed the storage limits for the SVR-122. A maximum of eight different cameras can stream video to the SVR-122 at any time.

When an SVR-122 is used for continuous recording, any captured footage will be saved in a recording timeline, as long as there is storage space available. The end user can then access the Mobile App or the Website to go through the complete recorded timeline. Remember, the Mobile App can be accessed from essentially anywhere, as long as the user is connected to a network. This means that an end user can watch the stored SVR footage remotely from basically anywhere.

Additionally, a user can also access the Mobile App or Website to view any previously saved clips, as well as the current live streams for their cameras. Clips can be saved from the website or mobile app, and they can be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length. The end user can also create special rules to automatically create saved clips from the recordings when predetermined events occur. These rules can include things like the security system being disarmed or motion being detected.

It is also possible to access any stored SVR-122 footage locally. This is done by connecting an HDMI monitor to the SVR-122, and using a USB mouse to navigate the menus. The end user will be able to go through the entire recording timeline and view any captured footage. They can also isolate clips and save them for permanent use on a hard-drive if desired.

NOTE: If a user is viewing footage from the SVR-122 via and a different user is trying to view footage locally through a connected monitor, the user will take priority. The local monitor will show a message of "Remote user connected. Local UI is locked." Playback for the local user will resume automatically once the remote viewer exits their viewing session.

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Hi Elizabeth, Stream Video Recorders can only record and play back video, not audio. If using an SVR no audio is recorded.
how can i review audio from my recorded timeline via app?

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