Does the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 Require an Adaptor to Fit an LTE Communicator?

No, the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 does not require an adaptor to fit an LTE communicator. The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 can connect with the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC2e compatible LTE cellular communicators, without needing an adaptor. Compatible communicators include the LTE-A-GC2, LTEV1-A-GC2, and LTEV-A-GC2.

The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 is a cellular antenna designed for use with 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC2e Cellular Communicators. The cellular antenna will boost cellular signal strength so that a reliable and dependable cellular connection can be achieved. This can be particularly important for users in rural areas that are too far away from any cellular towers to obtain a reliable connection normally. Adding a cellular antenna like the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 is very easy, and it can easily mean the difference between a reliable cellular signal and an inconsistent signal that goes in and out fairly often.

Installing the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 is very easy. During the LTE communicator installation in the 2GIG GC2 or 2GIG GC2e, you connected the standard antennas to the "Main" and "Div" ports on the communicator. The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 will replace the standard antenna that connects to the "Main" port. The gold connector end plugs into the corresponding gold port on the communicator. You want to use the "Main" port, not the "Div" port. The Main port is for the communicator's primary antenna, which is going to be the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2. You should also have one of the stock antennas that came with the communicator connected to the Div port.

The 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 coming from the Main port should be mounted away from the panel, as high up as possible. Mounting it up high, facing the nearest cellular tower, will help the communicator obtain the best possible cellular signal. Meanwhile, the smaller stock antenna coming from the Div port should be tucked inside the panel, usually in a side panel compartment. The Main antenna and the Div antenna should never be installed in the same spot. They must be in separate locations. That is why you will typically have the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 from the Main port mounted high and away from the system, while a smaller stock antenna coming from the Div port is installed closer to the panel.

When you go to connect either antenna, you will hear a strong "click" when it attaches to one of the ports. Make sure to pass the antenna wire through the system's backplate so that you can successfully close the panel. After the installation, you should be able to have your alarm monitoring company test the cellular signals for your GC2 or GC2e. Depending on the test results, it may be necessary to reposition the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 so that a stronger cell signal is obtained. But you should never need an adaptor to connect the 2GIG ANT5XL-GC2 to an LTE communicator for a 2GIG GC2 or 2GIG GC2e.

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