Alarm.com Verizon LTE Cellular communicator for the GC2

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The 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 is a cellular communicator that allows the 2GIG GC2 System to connect with the Verizon LTE network. Purchase the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 Cellular Module here.
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The 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 is the Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for the 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System. This radio will allow the 2GIG GC2 to access the Verizon LTE cellular network for monitoring service. By using this module, a GC2 system can connect with the Alarm.com interactive service.

Cellular communication is extremely important for alarm systems. It is the most reliable communication path available, and the Verizon LTE network offers speeds that are nearly on par with WIFI. It is almost unheard of for cellular service to go down suddenly, and cellular communication is not affected by power outages. The same cannot be said for WIFI, which is lost when the electricity goes out and will sometimes become unavailable for seemingly no reason.

By choosing the LTEV1-A-GC2, a GC2 will be able to maintain a strong and dependable cellular connection with the Verizon LTE network for many, many years into the future. Verizon has promised to continue to support its LTE network for many years to come. With this module, you are "future-proofing" your system, and you will not have to worry about replacing its cellular radio later on. Instead, your 2GIG Go!Control System will continue to receive cellular monitoring service and remain connected with Alarm.com, even as cellular networks continue to evolve and progress.

The GC2 Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator is easy to install, and its fast speeds mean that home automation devices will respond quicker when receiving commands from Alarm.com. Included with the device are two LTE antennas for maximum signal strength. Please note that the 2GIG GC2 System must be running firmware version 1.19 or higher to support the communicator, and it will only work in the United States with the Verizon LTE network. An alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity is also needed.

We also offer an AT&T LTE Communicator for the GC2, which is available here.

Note: This communicator also works with the new 2GIG GC2e System!

Brand: 2GIG

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