2GIG FT1-345

Flood and Temperature Sensor

2gig ft1 345 flood and temperature sensor

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The 2GIG FT1-345 is a wireless flood and temperature sensor. Similar to the Honeywell 5821, this is a multi-functional device that detect...
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The 2GIG FT1-345 is a wireless flood and temperature sensor. Similar to the Honeywell 5821, this is a multi-functional device that detects water using a wired temperature probe as well high and low temperature thresholds. These conditions are reported back to the alarm panel wirelessly using 2GIG's standard 345MHz RF. The FT1-345 is supported by the 2GIG GoControl running revision 1.14 or higher and the GC3 running 3.1 or higher. This sensor is not supported by Honeywell alarm panels unless you use a third party translator.

When programming the FT1, it is important to set the proper loop based on the condition desired to trigger that zone. Flood detection is loop 1. To trip the flood loop there must be water shorting the probe for at least 3 minutes. It supports salt, dirty and tap water. It is recommended to install this near the low point in the property and/or near appliances like washing machines, dishwashers or water heaters. Then the flood condition will restore after the probe is dry for 3 minutes. Loop 2 is the high temperature zone that trips at 84F degrees. Lastly, loop 3 is the low temperature zone that triggers when temps drop below 42F degrees. Each installation may be different but this single sensor has the capacity to occupy 3 wireless zones on your GoControl panel.

Generally you want to setup these zones as 24 hour auxiliary. This way the sensor is live at all times and setup to report to the central station. In most cases, the operator will simply call and notify the alarm owner. These situations do not require any dispatching of local authorities. However if these conditions persists they can cause major damage to a home or business. That is why we recommend setting up alerts through a service like Alarm.com.

Alarm.com offers an interactive app that supports texts, email and push notifications to your mobile devices with the app loaded on them. Your GC panel will require a cellular communicator designed to transmit signals from the system out to the Alarm.com server. Devices like the FT1-345 benefit greatly from the Alarm.com app. It allows you to get real time alerts in multiple ways. This will ensure that you receive the message and act upon it before there is any serious damage to your property.

Brand: 2GIG

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The Alarm.com remote temperature sensor can show temperature without having an Alarm.com thermostat, but that is all it will do without the thermostat.
They do have something like that available but you would need to upgrade your thermostat to the: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/alarm-com-adc-t2000 then use https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/adc-s2000 to be able get the results you desire.
Thanks, I dont need thermostat I already gave the the cp100 but I do want to see temp around the house. I know alarm.com have just a temperature sensor that will show current temp
This sensor does not report live temp readings, just threshold alarms. You are looking for a smart thermostat like the T6 Pro Z-Wave: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-t6-z-wave-thermostat
Any way I can see the temperature? Im using Alarm.com to monitor but cannot see the temp status
We haven't tested this sensor in particular but the only 2GIG sensor that we saw didn't work was the DW40 bypass sensor and even that one worked, expect for the bypass functionality, so I would expect the FT1-345 to work with a Lyric on the latest firmware.
Will this work with the new Lyric firmware by chance that is supporting 2GIG devices?
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