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The 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC3 is a Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for the 2GIG GC3 System. This module will provide fast and reliable cellular communication for the GC3, and it will allow the system to connect with the Alarm.com interactive service platform. Buy the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC3 here.
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The 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC3 Alarm.com Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator will provide fast and reliable cellular communication for the 2GIG GC3 Alarm System. Cellular communication provides many benefits for an alarm system, and it is widely considered to be one of the most important upgrades.

The reason that cellular communication is so important for a security system is its reliability. One of the top-priorities for an alarm system is to stay actively monitored at all times. That way, whenever a break-in occurs, an alarm signal will be successfully sent out. Cellular communication is the best way to accomplish this. Cellular service almost never goes down, and it will continue to keep the panel monitored when the electricity is out. This makes it ideal for a security system.

The LTEV1-A-GC3 will also allow the GC3 System to connect with the Alarm.com service. This is a useful capability that greatly adds to the versatility of the alarm system. Alarm.com is an interactive service that a user can access at any time to control their security setup. Through Alarm.com, a user can arm and disarm their system, check the current status of security sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices, view the live feed of security cameras and more. The service can be accessed through a web browser on a computer or remotely using the Alarm.com Mobile App on an Android or iOS device.

The Verizon LTE Network provides ultra-fast communication speeds for the GC3. LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution", and it represents the latest in cellular communication technology. The fast speeds provide quicker response times when communicating with Alarm.com for controlling Z-Wave devices and receiving system alerts. Verizon has also stated that they intend on supporting their LTE network well into the distant future. By choosing this communicator, a user will ensure that their GC3 will receive reliable cellular monitoring for many years to come.

Please Note: The GC3 panel must have firmware version 3.1.3 or higher to support this LTE module. We offer free firmware downloads for the GC3 that can be loaded onto the panel via USB.


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