System Enhancement Module (SEM) for VISTA w/ Telus LTE and IP Communicator

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The ADC-SEM300-VT-TL is a dual-path communicator for the TELUS cellular network, which operates in Canada. It's compatible with Vista security panels. Buy yours from Alarm Grid, today!
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This is the ADC-SEM300-VT-TL, a versatile and reliable dual-path communication module designed to enhance the connectivity and functionality of your VISTA security system. This module is for the TELUS cellular network, which operates in Canada. It seamlessly integrates into Vista security panels, providing a secure and reliable connection to the platform. American users can instead use the Verizon or AT&T LTE communicators.

The ADC-SEM300-VT-TL is compatible with the Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, and VISTA-21IP panels and their First Alert equivalents. For VISTA-10P you must have a revision 2.0 or higher. For the VISTA 15P and 20P, you must have a minimum revision of 5.2. The 21IP requires a revision 3.1 or higher. The VISTA 15P and VISTA 20P with a revision under 5.2 but at least 3.1, will still operate but without the ability to communicate over broadband.

The ADC-SEM300-VT-TL enables remote access and control of your security system, allowing you to monitor and manage your property from anywhere using the mobile app or customer website. With its advanced communication capabilities, and use of the panel's backup battery, the module ensures that your security system remains connected and responsive, even in the event of a power outage or internet disruption.

The ADC-SEM300-VT-TL includes an Ethernet jack to connect to an Ethernet cable to allow the wired internet connection to work along with the built-in Telus cellular communicator. It also has snap-off plastics to route your cables into the communicator, while reducing cable strain.

The ADC-SEM300-VT-TL connects directly to the VISTA panel with the +12V connection going to the positive terminal of the backup battery. If using this for ETL installations, the +12V connection goes on the AUX+ (terminal 5) on the VISTA panel, and it requires a 7AH battery. This communicator does not require a separate power supply.

This SEM module also has a built-in Z-Wave Plus controller. Use it to integrate’s home automation services. It will allow you to add and operate a wide range of Z-Wave devices, such as lights, locks, and thermostats. After setup, these devices can be controlled via the mobile app or the customer website. If the user wants to use a Honeywell Home Tuxedo Keypad with a Z-Wave controller built-in, they can, but by doing so they lose the ability to control Z-Wave devices remotely through

Use of this communicator requires an active account from an authorized dealer of their services. For Alarm Grid customers, this would be a Gold plan (self or full) or higher.

The following are some very important compatibility notes.
The SEM is compatible with Touchscreen Keypads. Arming, Disarming, Panics and Alarms initiated through these keypads are processed through However, changes to the Installer Code via Quick Programming Mode and bypassing of open sensors through the touchscreen will not be processed by unless they are done using Console Mode.

To use the "Bypass Open Sensors" feature in, panel programming field *23 Forced Bypass must be enabled, and is not enabled by default.

The AVS (Audio Verification System) is incompatible with the SEM. If the panel is using an AVS system, it must be removed in order for the SEM to function properly. The 4232CBM (Connected Building Module) is not compatible with the SEM. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is incompatible with the SEM. When a SEM communicator is being used, it should be the only communication option for alarm signaling.

SAM (Sensor Activity Monitoring) is not available for the 5822T Tilt Sensor. Be sure SAM is disabled for any of these sensors.


  • Product Type: System Enhancement Module (SEM) Communicator
  • Compatibility: Honeywell & ADEMCO VISTA P-Series Alarm Panels and their equivalents
  • Minimum Panel Firmware: VISTA-15P VISTA-20P Version 5.2+ ; VISTA-10P Version 2.0+ ; VISTA-21iP Version 3.1+ (Check PROM Chip)
  • Panel Interfaces: Two Keypad Bus Connections (Data In, Data Out) 12V Power and Ground
  • IP Communication: Wired Ethernet
  • Cellular Carrier: Telus LTE
  • Cellular Networks: 4G LTE w/ 3G HSPA, and 2G GSM
  • Automation: Z-Wave Plus
  • Interactive Platform:
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: Yes
  • Tamper Switches: Cover and Wall Detection
  • Power Requirements: 12V Nominal, 125 mA Continuous, 230 mA Max
  • LED Lights: Five (5) Total
  • ETL Listings: UL985, UL1023, and ULC S545
  • Operating Temperature: 14℉ - 131℉ (-10℃ - +55℃)
  • Storage Temperature: -30℉ - 140℉ (-34.4℃ - +60℃)
  • Humidity: 90% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 7.66"L x 4.35"W x 1.65"D (19.46cm x 11.05cm x 4.19cm)
  • Enclosure Color: White
  • Case Material: Fire-retardant PC/ABS, PC

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