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Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor

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The Honeywell 5822T is a wireless, tilt sensor designed to protect garage overhead doors and basement tilt windows. When programmed to lo...
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The Honeywell 5822T is a wireless, tilt sensor designed to protect garage overhead doors and basement tilt windows. When programmed to loop 3, the tilt sensor is most commonly used for protecting an overhead door. The unit should be mounted on the interior side of the overhead door with the arrow facing up, ideally on the upper panel. When the sensor is in a vertical position (perpendicular to the ground) it reports the zone as closed and when it turns horizontally (parallel to the ground) it reports as opened. Mounting it on the upper panel triggers a fault for partially open doors. When programmed to loop 1, the tilt sensor will transmit faults based on a wired normally-closed (NC) contact. There is a pair of screw terminals inside the tamper cover where the connections must be landed.

Garages and warehouse spaces can vary in terms of temperature. The 5822T is designed to function in temperatures ranging from 0 -113F degrees. If the space drops below 32F Degrees, we recommend mounting the sensor with screws because the adhesive tape may fail at these temperatures.

When using this device with a Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 Rev. 6 or newer model (L5200, L5210 and L7000), there is specialized programming on zones 45/46-48. The Lyric Controller also supports these special features except the zones are slotted from 127 to 130. These zones are designed for garage overhead doors being protected with a 5822T or a 5816 door/window sensor. Essentially, the 'garage door' device type and 'garage' response type are designed to allow 'venting' and automatically map this zone to the entry delay period of 'Entry/Exit 2.' Venting is a terminology that describes the ability for an end user to arm the alarm system when a zone is open or 'vented.' Then when that zone is closed it becomes a protected zone. There is no time limit on the closure.

Mapping the zone to entry/exit 2 allows you to set a longer entry delay for the garage door in contrast to the other entry doors. This way the end user has more time to pull into the garage and disarm the system. Keep in mind, all of the features are only available on the Lynx Touch and Lyric panels. The tilt sensor will still protect a garage door for other compatible alarm systems, just does not include these specialized features.

The Honeywell 5877 wireless garage door relay offers a way to control the garage door. In tandem with the tilt sensor the 5877GDPK offers both control and status. They can purchased individually or together in the form of the Honeywell GDCK.

Brand: Honeywell

Easy to install
Submitted on 03/24/2014 Mark Fisher

I added this item to a garage door I can not easily see. It enrolled easily and I use the included mounting plate to put it on my door. My door is a solid full insulted metal door I uses 2 small machine screws Predrilled smaller than the screw.

Note when you enroll look at the arrow on the case as that is the vertical direction for "not tilted or open" thus once enrolled be sure to install it that way as well the arrow blends in and it could be easy to install upside down. I went with my top door panel near center. Also activated the chime so when My wife comes home I hear the announcement long before I hear her hit the back door we have a large detached garage. I paired this with the 5277 Garage door relay so I can operate the door from anywhere via Total connect Once my Ups guy knows he can text me when he pulls up and I can open the door he can either doorbell close it or I can close and the tilt sensor will elt you know its all good.

Submitted on 08/19/2013 Jeff Adams

This is a great little device, I like knowing when my garage door is open. However this device does not list for $50, dealer cost is $35 which would make it a 30% mark up $42 which is still a fair price but your not saving any money because it was never priced at $50 to being with.

Oooh, that is a tough one Paul. There is no option for that. We would have to think outside the box. Maybe mounting a wireless sensor inside your trunk (you would have the verify it communicates from inside trunk) and then the fault would show (programmed as some type of monitor zone only) You would need to physically verify the trunk sensor is closed before attempting to open the garage door. Thats all I can think of right now.
I am wondering what sensor people use for the wired loop 1 terminals on the 5822T tilt sensor? There is a scenario that I worry about, which is if the trunk door of the minivan is in the opened state inside the garage, I would like to prevent the garage door opener from operating and hitting the trunk door. Is it possible to implement such an interlock?
Hi David, I apologize for the delayed response back to you, but there isn't a way to make the system arm successfully using vent zone logic for Away, while NOT allowing it to also arm in the Stay mode. If you have Total Connect 2.0 you can set up a notification to alert you if the garage door is open for longer than a certain number of minutes.
What is the tilt sensor on could you send pictures of the Installation to
My sensor has been faulting occasionally for several months. It's not set to trigger my alarm. Today it is very windy and it has faulted about a dozen times in an hour. Does it sound like its gone bad? I have it on bypass now.
I have the 5822T setup as a vent zone w/ entry/exit delay. It works well in "arm" state allowing the system to be armed with the garage door open and then protected once closed. But it allows the system to be armed in the "stay" state while the garage door remains open. Is there a way to disable the panel from going into stay mode if the garage door is left open but still allow venting when going into away mode? Thanks.
This has been working fine for me to monitor and chime when garage is open. It is set to to trip the alarm as folks open the garage, park the car then turn off the alarm when they enter the house. Most of my other sensors shows me history like when I go to notifications in TC. How can I have this sensor report in notifications? Basically know whenever the garage door is opened especially if I am not home.
Thank you for the feedback. Sorry to hear it got crushed.
Mostly worked great until the double sided tape failed and I ended up driving over the sensor. Before it got crushed, it triggered the alarm chime probably about 95% of the time. Occasionally I would surprise my wife because she didn't hear the door, and the chime didn't sound.
No, there is no way to configure a zone so that you can arm the GC2 when it's faulted (door open) and have it automatically come back in as a protected zone once the zone fault is cleared (door closes). I would recommend checking out the GD00Z-4 ( ) garage door controller. Also, do you have service now cause that would provide an alternate solution to your issue. I also would not recommend using a DW10 in a garage with that type of temperature/moisture.
Can the 2GIG GC2 panel be configured to allow "venting" behavior somehow? My installer used a DW10 on the overhead door. From what I've read, I believe when it's opened, we can use "Bypass Arm Away" to give us unlimited time to get in the car and exit, but that means it WON'T come back online to trigger an alarm on the garage overhead door sensor, even after door is closed? Also concerned about DW10's operating temp range (occasional below zero outdoor temps here) and possible rain damage...
It looks like you have the sensor enrolled properly and setup as a Garage Monitor zone which won't give the normal chime but will give a system annunciation when opened. It seems the alarm you heard last night was a tamper alarm (indicating the cover was off). The fact that we got a tamper indicates the unit is communicating to the system properly so can you test again if it's providing the system annunciation when opened?
I have the 7000 panel and added the tilt sensor last night. I used the auto enroll feature. I have a metal garage door with interior insulation. I used the tape and places on on the top most panel. The 7000 is in the laundry room which is adjacent to the garage. I also have a side door in the garage which is protected with the door sensor. Point being, the distance between the panel and sensor is close (about 20 feet). The sensor was not triggering the chime once I placed it on the garage door. How else can you mount this thing? I left it as is last night to work on it later. While the garage closed and alarm set to stay, it woke us up with an alarm! 1. How can I mount this so that it will communicate with the panel? 2. I do not want this sensor to trip the alarm but only to chime and to provide warning that the garage door was left open.
They do not come in white unfortunately. I would imagine you could paint them as its just a plastic enclosure for the circuit board inside though.
Do these come in white or can they be painted or something? The black wouldn't look too good on my two garage doors. I have the Lyric panel
Thank you, Sterling.
Yes, the 5822T will allow you to get an alert if it's opened or left open without it setting off a full alarm. Feel free to reach out once you have the item for programming assistance.
I am very pleased that I upgraded my system to Total Connect 2.0 and put in the 6160RF and the GSMV4G for my Vista 20P, with your help this summer. Since then, I ordered the 5821 temperature sensor from you (this month) and it seems to be working fine! I was thinking about adding this sensor to my garage door and was wondering if it could be programmed to not sound an alarm when it is open because our garage is detached and it takes us a while to get to our house and open the back door. I am just looking for a sensor that will tell me if the garage door has been left open by mistake.
I believe you would need a configurable zone type if you want it to chime along with the fault message.
i did that, but would like to have it chime on open. is it possible as a type 12 to do that? it just gives a Check Zone##
Program it as Zone Type 12 Monitor.
on a vista101p how do you set this up for just garage monitor?
There isn't really a Zone Type that would act like that. However, if you bypass the tilt sensor zone before arming to away, it will not be a protected zone. If you don't bypass to stay mode then, it will be protected so as long as you remember to always bypass that zone before arming to away, you can get the configuration you'd like.
With Vista 21ip, is there a way to make this sensor trip the alarm when in Stay mode only and not Away mode? I need to be able to open and close my garage door freely when leaving or coming home and not worry about the alarm, but would like it monitored at night when in Stay mode. Thank you!
We've never worked with that exact item so I'm not sure.
Does the L7000 support the Linear GD00Z-4 GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Controller?
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