XT-511-US-VZ Verizon LTE and IP Communicator for Interlogix Simon Panels


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The XT-511-US-VZ is a dual-path LTE and IP communicator for the Interlogix Simon Series Panels. It works with the Simon XT (Version 1.3+), Simon XTi, Simon XTi-5, and Simon XTi-5i Systems. It offers Z-Wave Plus technology for smart home control. Buy the XT-511-US-VZ here.
  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Home Assistant
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
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The XT-511-US-VZ Verizon LTE and IP Communicator offers fast and reliable connectivity for an Interlogix Simon Series System. This dual-path communicator ensures that the alarm control panel is constantly connected with the Servers for any emergency that may occur.

Adding a communicator to your Interlogix Alarm Panel is one of the most important upgrades you can make. This is the only way to provide trustworthy dual-path connectivity for your system. With this communicator, the panel will communicate across the Verizon LTE Network and local IP network. The panel will send out signals across both paths, and whichever signal reaches the intended destination first, that signal will be processed. In this way, the fastest communication path is always used.

Even if one communication path goes down, the other path will be there to provide backup. This can be very important in case the internet ever goes down or if there is a power outage. Verizon LTE connectivity provides a fast and reliable backup that you can count on in any situation. Verizon has stated that they plan to support their LTE network for many years to come. With the XT-511-US-VZ, you are providing a long-term solution for your Simon Series System.

A major benefit of the XT-511-US-VZ is that it also serves as a functional Z-Wave Plus controller. This means that you can start building a complete Z-Wave smart home network around your Interlogix Simon Alarm Panel. You can add a variety of helpful devices, including smart locks, lights, and thermostats. We recommend using Z-Wave Plus devices, as they will offer the best range and battery life. You can still use classic Z-Wave devices, but they will not offer the same range and battery life as Z-Wave Plus peripherals. We advise taking advantage of to control your Z-Wave devices. You can even set up smart scenes for automatic operation based on a schedule or with system events.

In order to use this Communicator, you will need a Gold Level monitoring plan or higher. More information is available on our alarm monitoring page. If your plan includes connectivity with a central station, will automatically route any alarm signals to a central station so that help is automatically sent out. You can also access your account using the website or mobile app to arm and disarm your system, check current system status, control Z-Wave smart home devices, view the live feed for Security Cameras, and more. Access to is included with your monitoring plan.

Please note that this communicator will work with any Interlogix Simon XT (Version 1.3+), Simon XTi, Simon XTi-5, or the all-new Simon XTi-5i System. An AT&T LTE dual-path communicator is available here if AT&T service works better in your area.

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