Impassa with Verizon Alarm.com Cellular Communicator and Image Sensor Module

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The Impassa Security System with Alarm.com Verizon and Image Sensor Module is a wireless system that includes everything a user needs to get started with cellular monitoring and Alarm.com. The system will support the legacy DSC 433 MHz Wireless Sensors. Buy the DSC Impassa System here.
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The DSC Impassa is a wireless alarm system that provides local installer-level programming and support for legacy DSC 433 MHz Sensors. This is the only all-in-one wireless DSC System with this type of functionality. With the integrated Verizon cellular communicator, which is included in this package, the Impassa system can receive cellular monitoring service and connect with Alarm.com. For users who are new to alarm monitoring, this Impassa System package represents a great starting point for setting up a complete security system.

Local installer programming is a very important feature for any DIY user. Without this feature, a user would be unable to add, remove or edit system sensors from the panel locally. They would also be unable to adjust many basic system settings and configurations. On the DSC Impassa, this is all done using the system's integrated touch-button keypad. This keypad is also used for regular system functions, such as arming and disarming. Unfortunately, this turns some users off from the Impassa System, as they would prefer to use a touchscreen controller instead. Touchscreen controllers provide a more intuitive user interface with the icon driven programming fields, and they are usually more convenient for general arming and disarming. If having a touchscreen controller is a requirement, a user may want to purchase a wireless system from Honeywell, 2GIG or Qolsys instead. But for users who don't mind using a touch-button keypad and learning the system's somewhat unique programming process, the DSC Impassa can represent a very solid option for an alarm system. Additionally, while there is an auxiliary touchscreen keypad available for the Impassa, it cannot be used for local installer programming. It simply a secondary point of control for arming and disarming the system.

The main selling point of the DSC Impassa is its ability to support Alarm.com services and allow local DIY installer programming. This version of the DSC Impassa comes with an integrated Verizon CDMA cellular communicator. This add-on will allow the system to receive cellular monitoring service and connect with Alarm.com. Cellular monitoring is very important for an alarm system, as it is the best way to ensure that the property remains protected at all times. Cellular communication is extremely reliable, and unlike WIFI, it is not affected by power outages. Cellular communication also provides speeds that are comparable to WIFI, giving users the best of both worlds. And with cellular monitoring, the DSC Impassa can be used with Alarm.com. This is an interactive service platform that a user can access to arm and disarm their system. check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave devices and more. By using the Alarm.com Mobile App, a user can access Alarm.com from virtually anywhere with their iOS or Android device.

The Impassa works with DSC legacy sensors that operate at 433MHz. These are excellent sensors that communicate very reliably with a compatible alarm system. If a user has an existing alarm system using 433 MHz sensors, an Impassa Panel can be added to quickly get the sensors up and running and lower the up-front cost of alarm equipment. The only other wireless all-in-one system from DSC that will support their 433 MHz sensors is the DSC Iotega. However, this system does not support local installer programming. As a result, any DIY user will certainly want to go with the Impassa over that system. Once a user understands the process for programming a DSC Impassa System, they will be able enroll new wireless sensors to the panel and configure their settings independently without involving an alarm company. Keep in mind, that PowerG sensors do not work with the Impassa.

Please Note: The CD8055I Verizon Alarm.com communicator is integrated and includes an Image Sensor Module and Z-Wave Controller. A power transformer and a backup battery are also included. However, an actual image sensor is not included, only a module to support one.

Brand: DSC

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Submitted on 04/26/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC SCW457AMVZ consists of a DSC Impassa Security System with an added Verizon CDMA Communicator and an image sensor module. There isn't actually an image sensor included with this system. You just get the module needed for supporting an image sensor. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to like about this system. The Impassa is a relatively difficult system for DIYers to work with, and the CDMA Communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service. For that reason, this product has been discontinued. We do not recommend the Impassa System in general, and give this product a 2 Star rating out of 5.

There are some positive aspects to the DSC SCW457AMVZ. The included panel can still technically be used for monitoring service, but you would need to replace the CDMA Communicator with an LTE Communicator instead. Many Impassa Systems are still frequently used, despite it being an older security system. This goes to show that it is built to last. We also appreciate the fact that the Impassa supports local end user programming. The same cannot be said for the newer DSC Wireless System, the DSC Iotega.

But the downsides to the DSC SCW457AMVZ are very apparent. The communicator can no longer be activated, per Alarm.com requirements. If you have an Impassa with a CDMA Communicator that has already been activated, then it will continue to work until Verizon shuts down their CDMA Network in the coming years. The image sensor module for the system is spotty at best, as image sensor technology really wasn't quite there yet when this system was released. The system is difficult to program for DIYers, and there are certainly easier systems available. All of this leads to us giving the DSC SCW457AMVZ a 2 Star rating.

Good: Panel Can Still Be Used, Long-Lasting, Local End User Programming

Bad: Communicator Cannot Be Activated, CDMA Network Being Shutdown, Poor Image Sensor Module, Difficult to Program

Bottom Line: 2 Stars

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