Impassa Security System w/ Z-Wave Ready, Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator

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The DSC Impassa is a wireless security system with an integrated touch-button keypad. This version of the system includes an integrated Verizon cellular communicator, which allows it to receive cellular monitoring and connect with Alarm.com. Purchase the DSC Impassa from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC Impassa Security System with Verizon Cellular Communicator is a great basic panel for providing monitoring to a home or small business. The cellular communicator allows users to receive cellular monitoring service and connect with Alarm.com. A plug-in AC transformer is included.

Users will find that the Impassa provides them with everything they need to get started with alarm monitoring services. This is the only wireless all-in-one panel from DSC with support for both Alarm.com service and local installer programming functions. Local installer programming is needed for users to perform basic functions right from their panel. This includes setting up any sensors and adjusting basic system configurations. While DSC also offers their wireless Iotega System, that panel does not support local installer programming. So DIY users will definitely want to choose the Impassa to remain independent when making minor programming adjustments.This will rely on the alarm owner having the proper installer code to access programming mode.

As a system, the DSC Impassa will support up to 64 wireless zones and 16 additional key fob zones. Most users will find that this is plenty for their home or small business. All programming and access is controlled through an integrated touch-button keypad. This is what the user will most likely use to arm and disarm their panel on a daily basis. It is important to consider these factors before purchasing an Impassa System, as a user may ultimately decide to go with a more robust system instead.

Newer wireless panels from Honeywell, 2GIG and Qolsys can support a greater number of wireless zones, and their panels typically come with touchscreen controller. End users often prefer touchscreen controllers for daily use. Additionally, the DSC Impassa follows a somewhat unusual programming process, and it can be more challenging for users to learn. But users who don't mind using a touch-button keypad will most likely find that the system works just fine for their needs. There is also an external touchscreen keypad that works with the DSC Impassa. However, this touchscreen keypad is used primarily for arming and disarming, and it does not provide access for installer programming.

The main reason for a user to choose the Impassa is because they want to use legacy DSC 433 MHz Wireless Sensors with Alarm.com service on a DIY-friendly system. The DSC Impassa will readily accept these reliable sensors, and they will do an excellent job of keeping just about any building protected. Many users with existing 433 MHz Sensors will purchase the DSC Impassa so that they won't have to replace existing sensors. With the system's local installer programming, the 433 MHz sensors can be enrolled easily by a DIY user once they are familiar with the panel's programming process.

Other standard features for the DSC Impassa include the ability to support up to 4 external keypads and program up to 17 different user codes. The system's event log has space for 500 system events. Additionally, the panel can use its Verizon CDMA cellular communicator to receive cellular monitoring and connect with Alarm.com. Cellular service is ideal for an alarm system, as it is incredibly reliable, and it provides speeds that are generally on par with WIFI. Unlike WIFI that relies on local AC power the cellular radio can operate on battery backup power during power outages. The Alarm.com service is also very useful, as it allows users to access their alarm system remotely. With Alarm.com, a user can arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave home automation devices and more. The value that the Alarm.com ecosystem adds to an alarm system is unmatched. MyQ garage door control, Nest thermostat, Amazon Alexa voice control and many more cloud integrations make Alarm.com the best in show when it comes to a fully centralized app for home automation and security.

Please note that this version of the DSC Impassa comes with a Verizon CDMA cellular communicator and a plug-in AC transformer. Alarm Grid also offers an AT&T 3G version of this same system, SCW45TAAT. The integrated communicator will determine which network the system connects with. This has absolutely nothing to do with a user's regular cellular service. We generally advise users to choose the carrier that provides the strongest signal in the area.


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