GE 45717

Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer Switch, No Neutral Required

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The GE 45717 is an in-wall dimmer switch that offers smart control for your hardwired lights. The in-wall dimmer doesn't need a neutral wire, making it perfect for older homes. The device pairs nicely with nearly any Z-Wave controller for use with a smart home network. Buy the GE 45717 here.
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The GE 45717 Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer Switch replaces your existing in-wall dimmer to provide you with smart control over your lights. It pairs nicely with nearly any Z-Wave controller and has a power rating of 600 Watts incandescent. It is for use with incandescent and halogen bulbs only.

Perhaps the best feature of the GE 45717 is its ability to be used without a neutral wire. Many older homes do not use a neutral wire for lighting, and this can make it difficult to achieve a smart lighting setup. But a device like the GE 45717 can overcome this obstacle and make it so that nearly every homeowner can establish a smart lighting network. The GE 45717 can easily be installed in-place of your existing dimmer switch, whether it uses a neutral wire or not.

Pairing the GE 45717 with a Z-Wave controller offers several advantages. This will let you control your hardwired lights from the Z-Wave hub and remotely use a compatible platform. Most security systems today offer some type of support for Z-Wave smart home automation. This makes Z-Wave devices like the GE 45717 the perfect accessories for adding to your system.

If your system is activated for monitoring service on a plan that includes home automation, then you will be able to control any paired lights from virtually anywhere using an app on your phone. Most Alarm Grid customers will do this using either Total Connect 2.0 or These platforms also allow you to create smart scenes so that your lights respond automatically based on a schedule or with certain system events.

The GE 45717 is not for use with LED or CFL bulbs. The module fits nicely into any single-gang bracket. This is a toggle style switch. Make sure to shut off power at the breaker before attempting to install the GE 45717. It is a Single Pole switch. The device can be used to turn the connected hardwired lights ON and OFF and to adjust their brightness to a desired level.

Brand: GE Security

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