How Do I Replace the Battery in a Honeywell 5809SS?

You can replace the battery in a Honeywell 5809SS by opening up the device, removing the old battery, inserting the new one, and closing the sensor. The heat detector uses a single 3-Volt CR123A battery. It has a battery life of about three to five years before a replacement is needed.

When the battery level for the 5809SS drops below a certain threshold, an alert will be sent to the panel to let the user know to change the device's battery. It is very important that the user replaces the battery as soon as possible to ensure proper operation. Complete the following steps to replace the battery in a Honeywell 5809SS:

1. Open the sensor. If the 5809SS Heat Detector is already mounted, twist the device counter-clockwise, and pull it away from the mounting base. This will open up the sensor and expose the battery.

2. Remove the old battery. Locate the old CR123A battery inside the 5809SS, and carefully remove it from the sensor. Then dispose of the battery in a safe manner. Wait at least 30 seconds before continuing on to the next step.

3. Insert the new battery. Take a new CR123A battery, and insert it into the 5809SS in the previous location of the old battery. Make sure to follow proper polarity when doing this. The positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the battery should be facing the proper directions inside the 5809SS, and the battery should be held securely in place.

4. Close the sensor. Hold the 5809SS up against its mounting base, and turn it clockwise to click it into place. Make sure to put the system on test mode and test the 5809SS after replacing the battery. This is very important for ensuring that the device is working properly and that the battery has been replaced correctly.

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