Honeywell 6162RF

Alphanumeric RF Capable Programming Keypad

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The 6162RF is a great looking piece of equipment that will turn your wired panel into a wireless sensor ready panel. If you are interested in the simple-to-install wireless series sensors Honeywell has produced, this is just the keypad for you!
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Like the 6162, this keypad is designed with one thing in mind: easy programming. While Honeywell's wired panels have a reputation for being a bit unintuitive for end-user programming, this keypad was designed to solve that pain point. For customers unfamiliar with the system, the new, sleek user interface makes getting around the system a simple job.

This version of the 6100 series keypad has the added RF receiver built in, which makes it the perfect keypad for anyone looking to add any of Honeywell's wireless sensors, such as the 5800PIR-RES (Honeywell's most popular motion detector), a 5816 door and window sensor, or for those who want to take advantage of the added convenience of a wireless key fob such as the 5834-4.

While Honeywell makes a number of wireless receivers, such as the 5881ENH, the option of having the RF receivers inside of the keypad can altogether eliminate the need to add any extra receivers to the system.

As you decide which keypad you'd like to use in conjunction with your system, please keep in mind that these keypads require that your VISTA system show a chip with revision 3.16 or higher. While you can upgrade the chip in the system, until that is accomplished, this keypad will not work.

Brand: Honeywell

There is not a way to mute this keypad. A few things could cause it to silence: 1. Too much power being drawn from the panel. 2. The speaker in the keypad being unplugged. 3. The keypad is going bad (this keypad has been discontinued for some time)
Hi, I can't get any tones from the keypads when buttons are pressed, its seems the Keypad its muted. can you pleas help?
This keypad communicates with the Vista-128BPT as if it were two separate devices, a keypad and an RF receiver. You must enable both addresses in panel's device programming, and in the 6162RF in order for it to work properly. The receiver in this keypad is set to address 00 by default. On a 128BPT, address 00 is always an Alpha Keypad and can not be changed, so this address must be edited in the keypad, and then enabled in the panel's device programming.
good day hel me with a question, this keypad work with vista 128 BPT for wireless reception . I programmed this device in his menu but no work. what field is necesary programing?
They are technically the same keypad but just a different look to the keypad.
Yes it certainly can work with your panel.
what is difference between 6162 rf and 6160 rf keypad
Hi , can 6162 RF keypad work with vista 20 p panel with WA prom chip # 10.29
Hi Angel. What is the 'WA' number on the PROM chip in the center of your 20P control panel? If the wireless sensors are enrolled already, you should be able to just replace the keypad as the programming lives in the control panel but the WA PROM number will factor into whether or not a 6162RF would be a good keypad to upgrade to or not.
Can I upgrade from 6150RF to 6162RF on a Vista 20P panel, Already have installed wireless zones, do i will need to reconfigure the alarm?
Because the Vista-20SE is no longer supported by Honeywell (and it's the panel most like your AMT3) I can't find out for sure if there should be any quirks between the panel and the keypad. There is no reason that I know of, that it wouldn't work. By default the 6162RF is set to address 16, which will not work on the AMT3. You need to reset the keypad (Settings then 3) and as it powers back up, press 1 and 3 to enter keypad programming. Make sure the Con Addr = 31 (not 16, you may have to press 00, then 31 to get it to change). At the receiver press 1 then *, and at receiver address enter 00, then *. Do any other required programming in the 6162RF then see if the keypad comes up.
Got the VISTA AMT3 (Security Link) alarm control board into program mode. Set *22 RF System to 1, set *24 RF House ID Code to 31, exited system (all 3 prior codes were set to 0) but got a Check Zone 9 error message. The set *25 Wired Zone Expansion to 1. Exited and System temporarily showed Ready but went back to Check Zone 9 error display. The 6162RF installed still has no signs of life with leds or display. Checked voltage at 6162RF positive terminal and got 13.2 volts. Entered program mode again and tried to set Zone 9 but got a * EE on the display. Did not note a Keypad Address field to set to 31 or receiver field to set to 00. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere along the way. I was trying to get the 6162RF working right before installing the VISTA 20 control board. Using the AM 100 programming guide found in the alarm cabinet. Temporarily bypassing Zone 9 to get the system back up and running. Thanks if you can assist.
Sounds good, let us know if we can be of assistance.
Thanks Julia. I'll install the keyboard first then change out the control when it's a little cooler here.
JIm, Yes, the 6162RF should work as a keypad on that panel. It won't allow you to do any of the fancier stuff the keypad supports, like menu driven programming, but it should work as a keypad and as a receiver if that's what you want. The keypad will need to be set to address 31, and the receiver, if enabled will need to be set to address 00. Upgrading to a Vista-20P would have other benefits, though, such as supporting the Total Connect 2.0 features.
I have a 20 year old Ademco-Ameritech VISTA AMT3 (Security Link) alarm control board . Will the 6162RF work with the old VISTA AMT3 board to set alarm on/off with remote or will I need a newer VISTA 20P board for the remote function on the 6162rf to work. The 25 connectors and descriptions on both boards seem to be identical This is currently a wired only system. I have a used VISTA 20P control board but have not installed yet and was wondering if it was needed. Thanks for you assistance.
Honeywell doesn't offer those as a standalone item so I would try a local hardware store to see if you can find one that would fit.
Unless you have a separate Honeywell RF wireless receiver, your 6162RF is the device that allows you to use wireless Honeywell sensors with your system so it's not overkill when compared to a Tuxedo as they do different things (the Tuxedo allows integration into wireless Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks and thermostats).
Also I have a tuxedo touch wifi, is the 6162rf just overkill?
I have a 6162rf that is missing one of the terminal screws is there anywhere to get one?
Yes, the process is fairly simple. It will be described in the installation guide that should be included with the unit when you purchase your 3 keypads. If you need assistance once it arrives, let us know.
Thanks. I've had trouble finding the 6162 and actually the ones I've found have been more expensive than the 6162RF so that's why I figured I'd buy three of them. Before I do buy them as well as the parts for the rest of the system, I wanted to make sure it would be easy to disable the RF function on two of them. Can you tell me how to do that?
The 6162RF is basically the same as the 6160RF aside from the updated look. Unfortunately, Honeywell received negative feedback on the new look and since discontinued the new line of keypads. You may be able to find them online still but there would be no point to buying a 6162RF if you are going to disable the RF portion. Search for 6162s instead.
Is the 6162RF basically the same as the 6160RF, just with a better look? Honeywell discontinued the 6162RF but I'm wondering if there are any security issues with it? Unless that is the case I would prefer to have the 6162RF in my house. I've also been searching online for manuals for the unit and haven't been able to find any. I would like to have 3 of them in my house but would need to disable the RF on two of them. Is this easy to do and how do you do that? Thank you
I will, thanks.
We were certainly backed up the past couple of weeks due to the Lyric launch. Feel free to order online or call us at 888-818-7728 M-F 9-9 EST.
Yeah, that's what happens when I don't read what I type before pressing send on the go. This or another thread when this keypad came out I was kind of shocked by this product and said I was going to wait it out because I figured that something else was around the corner. I was hoping they would have come out with Lync touch panel as an add-on to the L5100 system. I still have hopes for that as I need to buy a Vista-21iP as well the new Lyric. (I can't keep the names straight.) I tried to buy a Lyric when I got a special invite from Alarm Grid last month, but I had trouble ordering and couldn't get through on the phone. Will wait it out.
Hmm, I'm not sure I understand that last comment. The 6162RF never worked with a LYNX Touch panel. You can only use the wireless 5828 or 5828V keypads with a LYNX Touch system.
I've set it before, but at the time this was released, they needed a Lynx style keypad from the Vista series to work with the Lxxxx series and the new wireless that just came out.
Yes, we heard they got negative feedback on the design so they stopped it and had plans to release a new style of keypads but we haven't seen that release happen yet.
That was short lived
Honeywell discontinued that keypad model but we still support the unit.
Is there a reason you don't carry the 6162RF anymore? I'll be switching to Alarm Grid when my ADT contract is up in September but will be doing a few upgrades first.
The panel's programming lives in the control panel circuit board, not the keypad. Therefore, you can replace your 6150 with a 6162RF (or a 6160RF) if you want an alphanumeric keypad that supports wireless sensors. It should work with your system even if it's a branded ADT system.
Hi. I'm new to diy home security systems. My house has an ADT vista 20p panel an a honeywell 6150 and all doors and windows even the motion sensors are wired to the panel. My question is if I install honeywell keypad 6162rf will this keypad work with the sensors already in place? And would the keypad work with the 20p being a ADT 20p? Thank you in advance
Field 38 in programming is the Confirmation of Arming Ding. If you set it to option 2, the key fob Arm Away and Disarm actions would sound the siren for a brief second.
Honeywell VISTA-21iP Dual
It depends on the system. What alarm control panel do you have?
We were talking about the batteries too. Finally went and bought new ones. That was it. Everything works well now. Is there a way to have the siren chirp to indicate the button press worked?
If the key fob battery is dead or the key fob is damaged, it would not auto enroll.
It depends on what system you have but it's described in the 5804 installation guide.
The real question is why, during set up, when I hold a key fob button down, the address does not appear on the pad?
I did not. How do I do that?
Yes, it should be set to address 00. Did you map the fob to a user code after programming all the buttons as zones?
My mistake. The key fob is a 5804. Please confirm that the receive address should be. I have it set currently to 00. Is there anyway to test if the receiver is working? I have a the 6162RF. Thanks for your help.
The 5810 is quite old. Are you sure yours is even operational? Is the LED lighting up?
Thank you. This worked. However, I am still not able to pair my wireless key fob (5801). I programmed one button manually and it does not function. Holding the button while programming did not send over its code. Any tips?
Yes, you need to have the wireless receiver active before you program your zones, otherwise you will get a Check 100 error. You can enable the receiver by power cycling the system and then going through the initial keypad setup by pressing and holding 1 and 3 together within 50 seconds of powering up.
Do I need to turn on the RF before I begin to pair wireless devices? If yes, how?
I'm not sure what you mean by "I created a password". The Settings menu on the 6162RF requires that you enter your master code. The master code by default is 1234. If that doesn't work, you must have changed your master code and if you aren't sure what you changed it to, you can always reset the master code using the installer code.
I have the 6162RF. Just installed it and went through the set up. I created a password and now cannot get into it. I press setting and all I get is the set date/time, restart or exit(#). If is enter set dat/time, i am asked for the password.I cannot get in with the password i set....just returns a blank screen. How do i rest to factory settings?
Thank you.
Yes. The range is determined by the individual sensors. Most sensors have a 150-200 foot RF range. Any RF receiver will give you same range as LYNX Touch systems.
Would this give me the same range to wireless sensors as I would get out of the Lynx 5xxx series? Need one for my next project. Thanks.
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