Honeywell 6162

Alphanumeric Programming Keypad w/ Backlit LCD Screen

Honeywell 6162 alphanumeric programming keypad w slash backlit lcd screen

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Honeywell's 6162 is a sleek looking alphanumeric, programming keypad for the VISTA series panel. It makes programming Honeywell's wired systems easier than ever, and it looks great to boot.

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Honeywell's alphanumeric keypads have gone through a remarkable change. Like its counterpart, the 6160, this keypad is designed with the end-user in mind. Made to mimic the ease of use of Honeywell's successful wireless system user interface featured on systems such as the L5100 and the Tuxedo Touch, the 6162 makes programming Honeywell's wired security systems much simpler by incorporating the new VISTA Intelligent Programming (VIP). This menu-based system makes moving through the once-complex process of adding zones, bypassing zones, or whatever function you are attempting to perform very simple. Not to mention its sleek rounded edges make this series of keypads much easier on the eyes.

Like the 6160, this series of keypads comes in different versions depending on your needs. If the voice annunciation (where the keypad states the zones that are in fault) is an important feature for you Honeywell's 6162V is the keypad you're looking for. If you are looking to use the keypad to enable the use of Honeywell's wireless sensors like the 5811 slimline sensor, then the 6162RF is what you're looking for.

In addition to this line of programming keypads, Honeywell has released a counterpart to the 6162, the 6152, which is a fixed english keypad a la the 6150. This series of keypads (which comprises the 6152V and the 6152RF) are not made for programming the panels, though they are useful, and more affordable, as secondary keypads for those looking to get a bit more out of their panel. Like the 6162V and 6162RF, the 6152V and 6152RF provide the same functions, except the alphanumeric display that makes programming easier.

For these keypads to work with your system, you must have a VISTA 21iP, 20P or 15P series system with a PROM chip whose revision is 3.16 or above.

Brand: Honeywell

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