How Many Wireless Sensors Can I Put on a 6162RF Keypad?

You can put as many wireless sensors on a 6162RF Keypad as what can be supported by the panel. The Honeywell 6162RF is an Alphanumeric keypad with a built-in Honeywell 5881ENH Unlimited Zone Wireless Receiver. New wireless sensors can be added as long as the panel will support them.

Honeywell 6162rf close up of alphanumeric rf capable keypad

An alarm system must have a wireless receiver to support wireless sensors. This module allows the sensors to communicate with the system. The 6162RF is essentially a two-in-one device that functions as both an Alphanumeric keypad and a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver accepts signals that operate at a frequency of 345 MHz. This allows it to support most Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors.

Each wireless sensor requires at least one wireless system zone. If you want to add a new sensor, you will need at least one available wireless system zone. Some wireless receiver modules are only capable of supporting a finite number of zones, regardless of how many zones available on the panel. That is not the case with the Honeywell 6162RF, which is an unlimited zone wireless receiver. As long as the panel has an available zone, then a new sensor can be programmed. You will be able to auto-enroll a new sensor directly from the keypad.

The maximum number of wireless zones varies between different the Honeywell VISTA Series Panels. The table below shows the number of wireless zones for various panels:

Wireless Zones
VISTA 10P 16
VISTA 15P 26
VISTA 20P 40
VISTA 21iP 40
VISTA 50P 85
VISTA 128BPT 127
VISTA 250BPT 249

Keep in mind that the wireless receiver module inside the Honeywell 6162RF is not a transceiver module. This means that it cannot support two-way wireless devices like a Honeywell 5828 Keypad or a Honeywell 5800WAVE Siren. This is unlike the Honeywell 6160RF and 6150RF Keypads, where the built-in receiver module is actually a transceiver. If you decide to use a Honeywell 6162RF, keep in mind that you will only be able to use uni-directional 345 MHz wireless sensors.

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