What Do the Lights Mean on a Honeywell GSMV4G?

Each light has a specific meaning on a Honeywell GSMV4G. The green LED light shows the current status for the system. The yellow LED light shows when the system is communicating with the AlarmNet Servers. The red LED light shows when there is a communication fault with the network.

Honeywell gsmv4g alarmnet cellular alarm monitoring communicator

The Honeywell GSMV4G is a cellular communicator that allows a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System to connect with the AT&T 4G Network. By using this communicator, your VISTA Panel will be able to communicate reliably with the AlarmNet Servers operated by Resideo (formerly Honeywell). This will allow you to use the Total Connect 2.0 service to control your system. You can access TC2 through the website or by using the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on your smartphone.

The lights on the Honeywell GSMV4G each have a specific meaning. During normal operation, only the yellow LED light will have a quick periodic blink. If the green LED light is solid, then the system is not registered with AlarmNet. But a blinking green LED light indicates the panel is downloading information from Compass (used with AlarmNet) or in the process of registering. If the red LED light is solid, then the system does not have contact with the network. But a blinking red LED light indicates the module is having trouble communicating.

Please consult the table below for more information:





ON – System is NOT registered with AlarmNet.

OFF – System is registered with AlarmNet (normal).

FAST BLINK - Download session with Compass is in progress.

SLOW BLINK - Registration is in progress (simultaneous with yellow LED).



ON – Message transmission is pending.


FAST BLINK - Message waiting for network acknowledgement.

SLOW BLINK - Idle power abnormal.

SLOW BLINK – Registration is in progress (simultaneous with green LED).



ON - No contact with the network.

OFF - Normal.

SLOW BLINK - Loss of communication with panel (ECP fault).

FAST BLINK - No contact with network & loss of communication with panel.

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