Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G

AlarmNet LYNX Touch Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Honeywell gsmvlp5 4g alarmnet lynx touch l5100 total connect cellular alarm monitoring communicator
  • Honeywell gsmvlp5 4g alarmnet lynx touch l5100 total connect cellular alarm monitoring communicator
  • Honeywell gsmvlp5 4g alarmnet lynx touch cellular alarm monitoring communicator backplate showing sim card

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The cellular communication pathway is often considered the most secure pathway a home security system can use. With no wiring to be compromised, this communicator relies on the reliable AT&T cellular network to get signals from your Alarm panel to a central station. For those interested in an affordable, high-end security solution for their Honeywell L5100, this AlarmNet communicator will not disappoint.

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The Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G is the first 4G capable cellular alarm monitoring communicator ever released by Honeywell’s AlarmNet division. AlarmNet has been providing advanced alarm communication paths since 1986 for customers who either want a backup monitoring option in case their phone line is tampered with or don’t have a phone line available at all. The cellular alarm monitoring communicators developed by AlarmNet provide a secure wireless connection between your home security system and Alarm Grid’s central station. The GSMVLP5-4G is AlarmNet’s newest offering and it brings the compatible Honeywell L5100 wireless security system up to speed with today’s latest cellular technologies.

While cellular alarm communicators provide the most reliable and secure communication path available for your home security system, up until now they only operated on the older second generation (2G) cellular technology. Cellular communicators rely on throughput for fast data transmission and the newer generations like 3G and 4G have more throughput and are much faster than 2G. While alarm communicators don’t necessarily need the same advanced speeds that regular cell phones do, the changes in cellular technology have a major impact on alarm monitoring industry. 2G cellular communication technology was introduced in 1995 and as cell phones were a newer technology, it was not until 2005 that 3G technology was introduced. However, as cell phones are now essential items for nearly everyone on the planet, 4G technology was already nearly developed by the time 3G was released and the first 4G network was launched only a year later in 2006. As more and more people use more and more cellular data, the need for faster and more efficient networks will only increase. Unfortunately, the newer 3G and 4G cellular devices use the same frequency spectrum as the older 2G devices. Therefore, as all major cellular carriers are focused on the future, they are beginning to abandon the older 2G technology to free up room for the newer technologies. Just as analog technology disappeared with the 2008 AMPS sunset clause, 2G technology will eventually die as well. By investing in the GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm communicator, you can be confident that you are getting a security system communication path that will be around for the long haul.

The GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm monitoring communicator fits right inside your Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless home security system. It will connect to the fastest cellular technology (2G/3G/4G) available in your area. Therefore, if you live in a city that has begun to stop servicing the older 2G channel on their towers, your GSMVLP5-4G will work on 3G or 4G channels instead. At the same time, if you are in an area that hasn’t quite fully upgraded to 3G or 4G, your LYNX Touch home security system will work just as well with the 2G network. If you have struggled with bad cellular reception with an older AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator, the GSMVLP5-4G may be just the device to solve all of your problems. You can even pair the GSMVLP5-4G with the L5100-WIFI internet alarm communicator so that your LYNX Touch home security system uses internet communications primarily, but is backed up by the advanced cellular communications in case of a failure with the internet connection. Now LYNX Touch wireless security systems can utilize the same dual path alarm monitoring services that are available with the Honeywell Vista series security systems.

Of course, the AlarmNet GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm communicator is also compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 interactive services. Total Connect 2.0 is an optional monitoring service that keeps you connected to your home’s security system from anywhere. Using any web browser or a free application on an iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ device, you can log into your Total Connect 2.0 account to remotely arm or disarm your L5100 home security system. The GSMVLP5-4G can even send you instant text message or email notifications every time your LYNX Touch security system is activated. If you have already upgraded your L5100 LYNX Touch with the L5100-ZWAVE home automation module, you can even control your home’s lights, locks and thermostat through your Total Connect 2.0 account. The GSMVLP5-4G is a revolutionary device that will change the alarm industry forever.

Brand: Honeywell

Total Connect Home Automation Control!
Submitted on 09/16/2012 Nick Dodd

I got this to go along with my Lynx Touch and now I can control my house from my phone. It's awesome. I turn the lights on when I'm leaving work so when my wife doesn't have to come home to a dark house and I unlock my side door for my cleaning lady every other Monday at 10AM. Literally take a few taps on my iPhone. I'd recommend the GSMVLP5-4G to anyone that has a Lynx Touch system.

You will be able to have wifi as your primary path, but there are currently no cellular communicators that can be activated for this panel. I may suggest looking into upgrading to a newer lynx or lyric panel and looking into LTE communicators. Total Connect will operate on whichever the primary communication path is at the time.
I have a Honeywell lynx touch L5100 panel. I currently use a wifi module as the only communicator. If I install a cellular communicator can I use the wifi module as the primary communictaor with the cellular as backup? Also, would the communication with Total Connect 2.0 go through the wifi communicator or the cellular communicator?
They would have to upgrade to the L5210/L7000/Lyric. They could use the L5100 wifi but it would have to be an older WIFI card. Here is an article explaining why:
We have a customer with the 5100 panel, the GSM evidently has gone bad. Does the LTE-L57V work with the 5100 panel? John Janski
Hi Lee, I am sorry to hear that you have an issue with L5100. Are you monitored by us? If so we will be more that happy to troubleshoot the issue with you. Email us here at
Hi, I have had an L5100 with the GSM module for about four years with no problems until a few months ago when the panel occasionally started beeping with the communication error. The error stays anywhere between 10 minutes to a few hours then is normal again and pops up once a week to multiple times a day. Could my GSM module be going bad? Or is my signal weakening? I have restarted the system multiple times and still get the error a few days later. I have considered replacing the GSM module, or replacing the entire panel, or attaching an antenna, or getting a home cellular booster. Any suggestions?
I just tried pulling the SIM and reseating it. Unfortunately it didn’t fix the problem. Thanks for your help.
I suggest powering down the panel and reseating the card. If you're still having the same issue there may be an issue with the signaling in the area.
Hello. I have the Honeywell L7000 with wifi and the GSM module. A couple of days ago I started having problems with my GSM connection. It says "searching for coverage". It has been working fine for 2 years. I restarted it a couple of times but it still says searching. I can see the GSM ID through the panel and it is says it is registered. It just looks like it cannot connect to the cell service. Any ideas? Thanks.
Having buttons and words on the four buttons under the touchscreen indicates you have an L5000 system which does not support this communicator and only supports the discontinued 2G GSMVLP5 communicator. The L5000 also doesn't support the L5100-WIFI module. You could use the ILP5 Ethernet module but if you wanted cellular back up (which is recommended), you will need to upgrade to a newer LYNX Touch version (such as the L5210 or L7000 which use the 3GL cellular communicator).
It has words and symbols Panic, Away, Off, Home. Above that it has 2 small leds Armed. Ready.
Do the four physical buttons under your panel's touchscreen have words AND symbols or symbols only?
Sterling! My 5100 Lynx is monitored by a local company here in Ohio, it has the old 2g board. It has not been monitored since New Years when our local 2g was upgraded. Will your GSMVLP5-4G upgrade it, and can I program it to my local company's phone number? Or is it only programmed to alarm grid's number. (If I upgrade to this board, do I have to dump my local company, and switch to alarm grid for this to work?)
Hector, I live in Monterrey, were you able to use it in Mexico??, Iusacell is now AT&T and this caught my eye in order to update my Lynx system. Sterling you should make some tests, if it works and you set up a guide Im pretty sure you can sell lots of these upgrades to Mexico.
It has an AT&T SIM card but we have had some people in Mexico be able to use this unit.
Hello, I live in Mexico, where can i find out if its compatible with Telcel, or other carrier?
You can sign up for our of our self monitoring plans online at (the bottom 4 plans). With Self Bronze for $10/month, we'll provide you access to a Total Connect 2.0 account so you can remotely arm/disarm and receive email alerts from the system.
hi, I am planning to install a WIFI module now with 5210 panel as GSM did not work. Just wanted to check how will WIFI module work as in send me notifications and if it also requires registration on Alarmnet / subscription. Thanxs,
Yes, technically it shouldn't work out of the US. We have found in some international areas that the SIM that ships with the unit picks up a network and in other areas, we've had people have success with a local SIM. Unfortunately, it seems that neither option is working for you so we suggest you remove the GSM module from the panel and just use the WIFI communications instead.
Thanxs Frank, I will checkout this option as well!
Strangely it's still searching for network even though I have a put a local activated GSM SIM! I will try through WIFI now. Thanxs for tips.
If it's saying "Searching for Coverage" then there is no available network in your area and your only option will be to run the panel via WIFI or Ethernet.
Hmm, did you have a local company try and register the alarmnet service for you?
I am using Lynx 5210 Panel by the way.
Hi, I tried the solution you had suggested but it contiues to show "Searching for Coverage" even though the SIM card is activated. Can you please suggest any alternate solution?
Great, we look forward to hearing from you.
Thanxs a ton for your inputs, i am currently travellling n will try out the solution upon my return
You'd have to test it to be sure. If you check the GSM Information page in the Comm. Diagnostics section of programming, is it coming up "Searching for Coverage" with the provided SIM? If so, you can try installing a SIM card for a local carrier (make sure to power the system down first) and then you can check the GSM Information page again. If you see that it's no longer "Searching for Coverage", you should be able to activate service.
Hello Sterling. I have recently moved back to India and trying to configure an India GSM but not being successful! Will it work with a non-US GSM SIM card. Thanxs
We are partnered with Criticom Monitoring Services - for our service plans that include central station monitoring service.
What company does your monitoring?
We've made it work before but you would have to have GSM signal showing on the GSM Information screen within the Comm Diagnostics menu. Also, if the SIM does have signal strength, you'd have to pay the SIM card data charges as well as the Cellular Communications monitoring charge.
Can I use unit with GSM SIM cards abroad (other than AT&T)?
Thanks Sterling!
Hi Brian, We are expecting the Honeywell CDMA communicators sometime this year and they do intend to release versions for the LYNX Touch panels.
Just to follow up, I know for a fact there is no AT&T GSM signal out there as we recently went from AT&T to Verizon for this reason.
Hey Sterling, Our cabin just recently is able to get a few bars of wireless signal on our Verizon phones. As you probably know Verizon is CDMA and not GSM. Is there a communicator that will work with the L5200 on the CDMA network?
Yes, it includes the SIM card. If you check out our no-contract monitoring plans online at, you will see each plan has a Cellular Communications check box. Checking that box, adds $10/month to each plan, to cover the SIM card data charges that we pay for. Finally, yes this unit supports Total Connect 2.0.
So, if I purchase this unit, does it come with the SIM card needed to activate it? Who do I pay for service? Do I pay for GSM service and monitoring separately? Does this allow me to use the TotalConnect app?
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