Honeywell IPCAM-WL

Total Connect Low-Light IP Security Camera

Honeywell ipcam wl total connect low light ip security camera

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The IPCAM-WL is Honeywell's first wireless IP camera optimized for low light situations. For use with the Total Connect product, this camera gives users the ability to see what's going on in areas with little to no light. Using your reliable local WIFI, this simple to use camera is easy to setup and affordable. Get a little extra peace of mind when you purchase Honeywell's Total Connect, low light camera.
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Thanks, Sterling. I will attempt this over the summer.
No, you would just need to upgrade to Platinum service and then you'd have remote viewing capabilities through your Total Connect 2.0 account as long as the camera is powered on and properly connected to your router (hardwired Ethernet or wireless WPS). There should be no port forwarding required.
Thank you for this information. Do you know if I'd have to do Port Forwarding on my router (I use an Apple Time Capsule) to allow me to view the camera when I am away from home?
Annie, you just need a compatible Camera and a way to do WPS, (and a place to plug in the camera for power). Here's a link to our page with the compatible cameras listed: The network portion of these cameras is wireless, and uses WPS for security, so you need to be using a router that supports WPS, or you'd need the Honeywell WAP Plus (shown at the previous link). Once you get the camera, we'd need it's MAC to add it to, and upgrade your account.
I have your Gold monitoring service and am thinking of installing a camera and upgrading. I have a Vista 20P panel, attached to a GSMV4G cellular communicator, and a 6160 RF keypad. What else would I need to do in order to attach a camera to my Total Connect 2.0 account? I will not be able to attach the camera via ethernet to my router (this is why we didn't get the GSMV4G with the internet connection - same issue getting a cable to the communicator).
Using Total Connect 2.0 service, they can be setup to record 10-second video clips based on a change of pixelation in the field of view. Do you have an existing Total Connect 2.0 account? If not, we offer a standalone video plan online at or we have it included with security system service online at with our Platinum or Self Platinum plans.
Can these be setup to take still shots based on movement activation similar to a motion sensor?
If you still have this and want to sell it, send me a paypal to please.
No. Just for remote TC video viewing.
Do I need to subscribe to a Total Connect service if I just plan to locally view the camera through a Honeywell L7000 panel?
Doesn't matter to me as long as it gets to me in good health. Can you shoot me your email?
Yes! How do you want it shipped? I accept pay-pal.
Do you still have the cam? I will take it.
I have one IPCAM-WL camera for sale for $35 you pay shipping. Any takers?
The only way I know of to view the IPCAM-WL locally without setting it up with TC2 is via either the Tuxedo Keypad, or one of the Lynx Touch or Lyric keypads. I'm not saying there isn't another way to do it, but if there is, I don't know it.
I have a IPCAM-WL and want to test it without any remote service. What free software can I run it using only my local net.
Unfortunately no. All of the cameras we sell require a power connection. You can get a hunting (ake "game" or "trail") camera that would be fully wireless and battery powered but it would not integrate into TC 2.0.
Do you have any battery powered wireless cameras?
You would just be able to view the camera from the LYNX Touch panel screen with the current level of service.
Hi Sterling, What's function available in this camara via my current Bronze self monitor and TC2.0? I gonna get this camera.
Using one of our Platinum or Self Platinum plans and Total Connect 2.0 service, you could setup 10 second video clip recordings based on a change in pixelation of the field of view of the camera.
Can I record with this camera ? or Just use for real time monitoring via TC2.0?
The IPCAM-WL has a low light feature so that you can still view the area with the lights off.
What is the difference between these cameras and the IPCAM-WI2
No, unfortunately it is only available in white.
Yes, the IPCAM-WL has always supported WPS for wireless encryption.
Do these also work with WPS or did they finally improve this?
Is this available in black?
You should be able to view the cameras locally without needing any extra service. If you want to view them remotely via TC2, we'd have to upgrade your account for another $10/month. Feel free to call us or email if you want to upgrade and we'll need the MAC addresses of your cameras.
Ha ha I realized why I cannot see the cameras... because I do not have the service! Do you have a self package that enables AlarmNet only over wifi but still allows use of cameras? All I see is Premium w/ GSM at $35/month. Thanks!
When you scan for cameras, are you seeing a list of MAC addresses?
Greetings, I just installed two IPCAM-WL cameras onto my Lynx 7000 and after they are listed on my console and I hit the BACK button to view, all I see is a camera icon in each of the camera windows?
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