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The Honeywell Lyric OC1, also called the IPCAM-WOC1, is an outdoor high-definition security camera designed for use with the Total Connect 2.0 Interactive Service. This is a highly advanced camera that is designed to capture crystal-clear 1080P HD video in an outdoor setting. Buy it here.
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The Honeywell Lyric OC1, also called the IPCAM-WOC1, is an outdoor high-definition security camera designed for use with the Total Connect 2.0 Interactive Service. This is a highly advanced camera that is designed to capture crystal-clear 1080P HD video in an outdoor environment. It can be easily mounted on any wall or ceiling in order to provide it with a complete view of the surrounding area. The device features night vision, with an IR range of up to 65 feet away. This allows it to properly capture any important event, even in the darkest of settings. Overall, the Lyric OC1 is an excellent choice for any Honeywell user who needs a tough, dependable security camera for an outdoor environment.

The camera uses video analytics to detect movement, and it will start recording as soon as sufficient video pixel changes occur in one of the device's adjustable alert zones. After the camera has finished recording, the clip will then be made available on the Total Connect Service. Total Connect will also send a push notification to the user so that they can quickly view the camera's live feed. A user can also access Total Connect at any time to view the camera and to adjust any of its settings and configurations. This can be done from a web browser or through the Total Connect Mobile App.

The device offers a diagonal viewing angle of up to 117 degrees, and it features digital zoom up to 10x. It records at 30 frames per second for seamless and clear recordings. The device communicates over WIFI at 2.4 GHz, making it accessible with the Honeywell Lyric App. An included LED light indicates status changes for the camera, including when IR night vision has been activated and when the camera has connected to a WIFI network.

Please note that the Lyric OC1 does not include a built-in microphone, and it does not support audio recording in any way. For that reason, users who require a camera with audio capabilities should choose a different security camera for their setup.

Brand: Honeywell

Excellent Outdoor Camera
Submitted on 11/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell IPCAM-WOC1 is an outdoor IP camera designed for use with Total Connect 2.0. It is a 1080p HD camera that uses video analytics to determine when to record clips. The device is easy to mount to a wall or ceiling, and it uses IR night vision to capture activity from up to 65 feet away in the dark. Some downsides to the camera include its lack of a microphone and the fact that it can only be used on a 2.4 GHz WIFI network. Still, it is a very robust and powerful camera that is easy to use. We give it 5 Stars.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Honeywell IPCAM-WOC1. Its recordings are crystal clear, and they certainly match the advertised 1080p quality. In fact, we use this camera outside the Alarm Grid office! And since our office is located in South Florida, we can definitely say it's weather-resistant. The camera's IR night vision is quite powerful, as it reliably detects activity from up to 65 feet away. We tested this camera in the dark, and it worked great. The video analytics feature is effective in triggering recordings, and its settings can be adjusted from TC2. We also found that the camera was very easy to install, and we would certainly recommend it for any home or business with a Honeywell System that uses Total Connect 2.0.

There are some downsides to the camera. It lacks a microphone, and it cannot be used for audio recording in any manner. This was likely an intentional design, as a microphone may result in unneeded clips due to cars passing in the area. Still, it would have been a nice feature to have, as you could have just disabled audio-triggered video recordings. The camera also cannot be used on a 5 GHz WIFI network, as it is for 2.4 GHz only.

Overall, we like the IPCAM-WOC1 a lot. We give it a 5 Star rating.

Good: 1080p, Weather-Resistant, IR Night Vision, Easy to Install, Effective Motion Detection using Video Analytics

Bad: No Microphone, 2.4 GHz Networks Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

I heard from Honeywell/Resideo again. There is no ETA on a firmware update, but they shared this "<a href="">Best Practices</a>" FAQ for setting up the motion capture areas for the cameras.
Hello, I did hear back from Honeywell that a Firmware update has not yet been released for this camera. I do not have any kind of an ETA on when it may be, but if I hear something I will make every attempt to post back here with the information.
Thanks! I already tried reducing sensitivity to lowest setting etc and to no avail.
There was supposed to be a firmware update for these cameras that would help with these types of issues. I have sent an email to Honeywell to check and see if the update ever happened.
I have the same issue. Constant motion alerts with just a shadow or small leaf blowing across my porch. Did you ever get anywhere with this issue Arturo?
Unfortunately the guy I was referencing never did share an actual part number so you'd just need one that fits the camera's antenna thread mount. I think it's fairly universal but haven't tried an alternate antenna myself. If you do find one that boosts your range please post the model number here for others in your situation.
Hi Sterling, I would certainly try the antenna upgrade, but I do not know where to obtain it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Have you looked into the antenna upgrade? Again, I haven't personally tested it but I know I had a guy vastly improve his camera's WIFI range by adding an alternate antenna.
Hi Sterling, in both locations I have a Velop Linksys Mesh Network WIFI. In both cases, the cameras are mounted on a balcony railing and the mesh node is placed in the room right off the balcony. In both cases the node is about 20 feet from the camera (at most) and separated by 1 exterior wall. In both cases the signal strength is medium to low. I need more cameras, but I am waiting for a camera upgrade because I will not purchase more of these.
Are you using the same WIFI setup at both locations? We certainly have seen setups with these cameras where they work fine at farther distances than you've experienced. With that said, I think the issue with them not having a longer range is because of the antenna they ship with. We've had reports of users adding higher powered antennas and seeing drastic range increases but unfortunately I don't have any recommended antenna replacements to suggest to help your particular current setup.
In my experience, with two outside located cameras, at two different houses, if the WIFI source is not located within the room ADJACENT to the outside wall nearest to the cameras, they won't work. Basically, your WIFI source needs to be in the room closest to the outside camera. Otherwise, the signal strength will be too low for the camera to function properly. All this talk about 300 feet and ideal conditions is just misleading and irresponsible. NO ONE mounts this camera outside within line of sight of the WIFI source. There will always be a wall or something in between an outside camera and an inside located WIFI source. So, if you think you can mount this camera down by your gate and then have some WIFI source in your house (even 100 feet way) located somewhere inside and expect it to work, it won't. My cameras are mounted about 20 feet from the WIFI source and they work with medium signal strength.
I understand your opinion in this matter but those projected ranges are under ideal conditions.
Thats what they claim, I have never found this to be accurate.
Yes, I found this to be true as well. The range is horrible.
I have two of these cameras and the WIFI ability is dismal in each one. I have a range extender in the room adjacent to both cameras and barely have enough signal for them to operate. I would not believe that this camera could possibly operate at 100 yards from the router, just not possible. If your router is not within 10 or 20 feet from the camera, don't bother with this one.
I'm not sure I'm following you. Which picture are you referencing showing the antenna facing the front of the camera?
Hi Steve, I will email you back on the email you send into us.
The antenna orientation is incorrect. With the picture correct in Total Home 2.0, the antenna sticks out horizontally at the 3 o'clock position (facing the front of the camera). All the literature photos show the antenna sticking up vertically (at 12 o'clock). Can the antenna be adjusted to fix the incorrect orientation?
How can I change the built-in 8 GB microSD card for a larger one? Where is the card located? What is the change-out procedure?
There is a low voltage transformer included with the camera. I know it is not a high voltage 220V AC camera (never heard of a camera operating that way) but I am not exactly sure of the voltage. The included transformer has an American standard 120VAC input and a low voltage DC output to the camera. You could always use a step-down transformer between a 220VAC outlet and the 2 prong 120VAC input of the transformer.
What kind of power does this camera requires? Is it 220v?
Can this camera be used with a lyric controller?
Hello, The WOC1 can only be viewed/setup by using the Total Connect application. If you're looking for cameras that can be viewed locally you'll be going with the older legacy cameras such as the IPCAM-WL or the IPCAM-PT2
Can this Camera be live view at a monitor in home? Not being logged into total connect. Just a live view.
Thanks Julia, I just send you an email.
Arturo, some of this may be alleviated by the settings you have for the camera itself. I suggest you take a screenshot of these settings (this is something we can't see from our end, even with our monitored customers) and send the screenshot(s) to We can then work with you to be sure your settings are optimized.
Hi.... I bought the woc1 a couple of months ago. And I have an issue with the camera, I get a lot of "false" notification during the night, because each time a car passes over my street, its lights and the shadows generated from them causes a movement alarm. And the same thing occurs during a sunny day, when a cloud gets on its way, each time their is a change of light intensity strikes a false alarm. Any news when we are going to get software update to solve this problem? Thanks,
The range is 300' with no barriers in the line of sight.
What is the wireless range of the OC1 to be expected ? I realize there are several factors that can affect the range.
The camera can capture 1080p quality images, this should be well enough to see the license plate. However, these cameras are not designed to specifically capture plates so there is a risk that the camera could blur the plate depending on how fast the car is going and it's position relevant to the camera at the time.
We have had a lot of home invasions in the back of my neighborhood. I want to mount this camera so that I can capture the license plate of the cars that are driving down the street in front of my house. I want to know if the capture rate and image resolution of the camera image would allow the clarity necessary to do this. At the closest, he cars will pass approximately 10-15 feet of the camera. I will have two of these camera looking up and down the street, and they will be mounted in a secure enclosure by my mail box. Can these cameras support this use case?
You can use an existing cable run in the wall or snake a fresh run of cable. Then simply snip off the male end of the power supply (D) and splice that into one side of your home run. The other side of the home run will splice into the pigtail (E) and connect to the camera for power only (no internet in the case of a POE connection). POE requires the device to support it and an RJ-45 connection. Unfortunately, the OC1 has neither.
POE to USB adapter is what I was thinking of. It's a lot easier to run a CAT 5 to the point of use instead of another 120V outlet that doesn't exist. I can try splicing the pigtail "E." in the diagram above if POE voltage and power are sufficient.
Here is a screenshot of the camera connections
The power cable is fixed into the power supply. However this irrelevant because even if it was USB there is no RJ-45 connection at the camera dongle connection point to offer an ethernet connection that could possibly support POE. Basically the OC1 only supports WIFI. No ethernet connection at all. If you want to extend the power connection you can splice into the wire between the brick and the male DC barrel connection. I recommend using 18AWG to avoid voltage loss on thinner cabling.
Jorge, I think you missed my point. How does it plug into the power brick? Is the power cable hardwired at the brick or is there a USB port (USB-A, USB mini, etc) on the brick itself?
The power connection is a DC barrel connector on the camera end
Sure you could with a POE to USB adapter. I guess I should’ve asked if there is a mini USB port on the power brick or if it’s hard wired. Honeywell’s two indoor cameras are powered through a mini USB port, but the OC1 looks like it has a pigtail to DC jack for power, but is the end that plugs into the brick terminate as USB?
HI John, the OC1 is WIFI only and has no ethernet port therefore you can not power on through POE.
Is it possible to power the OC1 via Power Over Ethernet?
Glad to hear it, let us know if you have any questions about the camera.
Thanks, I bought one from you guys yesterday!
The WOC1 is live and able to be purchased!
No news yet? I have been waiting almost a year!
I think the problem is there's no stock available for them. They put out a marketing update last week, mentioning the OC1 in with the C1 and C2 cameras, but at that time, there was no stock available. When we can get them, we'll take the "Product Discontinued" label off our site and they can then be ordered.
Actually I see a few sites like B&H have them in stock already.
No firm date yet, but Honeywell is getting all the support materials for it up on their site, so it will be soon.
Has a release date for OC1 been announced?
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