What happens to an L5100 when your internet's down?

The Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel is compatible with (2) different AlarmNet internet alarm monitoring communicators. The Honeywell L5100-WIFI is a wireless internet alarm communicator that uses your wireless router to send your alarm signals to Alarm Grid's central station. The AlarmNet ILP5 internet alarm communicator requires a hardwired Ethernet connection to your network's router or switch. Unlike cellular alarm monitoring communicators which rely on the more stable cellular network, the ILP5 and L5100-WIFI are both susceptible to internet outages which will prevent Alarm Grid from receiving your alarm signals.

If you have an internet outage, your LYNX Touch L5100 internet security system will display a '103 Comm. Trouble' which will restore on its own as soon as the internet comes back on. Some causes of internet outages are power outages (unless you have battery backup for your modem and router), bad cabling, internet service provider (ISP) glitches, and hardware problems with your network. While the internet is out, no alarm signals will be received at the central station.

If you have the L5100-WIFI alarm communicator and you are worried about the reliability of your internet connection, you should use the GSMVLP5-4g cellular alarm communicator as a backup. When the internet goes down, and your L5100-WIFI can no longer communicate, the LYNX Touch control panel will automatically switch over to use the GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicators instead.

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Did you try rebooting your router? Do you have active monitoring service for your system now?
I changed my L5100 to a new router and got a good connection to the Internet but it won't stay connected and I can't get rid of the 103 Comm. Trouble message. I already tried unplugging it from power and the battery backup. Any ideas?
A phone line is a suitable backup to the L5100-WIFI module. However, many people these days have digital phone service which relies on their internet service. In this case, the phone line really wouldn't be adding any security since if the internet goes down, both paths would be unavailable. If you have a regular copper land line or a FiOS type of line, then having phone line as a backup would certainly help.
How about a Wi-Fi module and PTSN Land line? Thoughts?

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