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SmartCode Z-Wave Deadbolt Touch-Button Lock

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The Kwikset 888 SmartCode is a Z-Wave Plus deadbolt lock that can replace any standard door lock. the device includes a touch-button keypad for keyless entry. It can also be operated through an interactive service when paired with an alarm system. Buy the Kwikset 888 SmartCode right here.
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The Kwikset 888 SmartCode Z-Wave Plus Deadbolt Touch-Button Lock will effectively replace any standard door lock so that the door can be controlled with Z-Wave operation. The lock will pair with virtually any Z-Wave classic or Z-Wave Plus controller for smart home automation functionality.

As a Z-Wave Plus device, the Kwikset 888 SmartCode can take advantage of the exceptional range and reliability that comes with Z-Wave Plus technology. And it never hurts to add another Z-Wave device to the existing mesh network. With its great versatility, the Kwikset 888 SmartCode is an excellent lock for pairing with an alarm system. Some panels will allow for control using the system itself.

But the real exciting feature is the ability to control the lock and check its current status remotely using an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or This will also allow the user to receive text and/or email notifications regarding the lock. The user can also integrate the lock into smart scenes for automatic operation based on a schedule or with certain events. For instance, a user might have a smart scene to automatically lock the Kwikset 888 when they set their system to arm away. And another scene could unlock the device at 3:30PM when their kids arrive home from school.

The lock features back-lit keys for easy operation in the night. Patented SecureScreen technology is used to prevent any potential intruders from figuring out the code by checking for fingerprints on the keypad. It also includes SmartKey Security as a backup keyway. The device is easy to install in most doors, and it goes in the same spot as an existing door lock. It is powered using four AA batteries.

Brand: Kwikset

Excellent Z-Wave Plus Lock
Submitted on 08/01/2019 Alarm Grid

We have found that the Kwikset 888 Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock works very well. This is a great Z-Wave Plus touch-button lock that should make a nice addition to your smart home network. The lock works well with both and Total Connect 2.0. It is also good for use with other Z-Wave hubs like Samsung SmartThings. That is why we give the Kwikset 888 5 stars.

Not everyone needs a fancy touchscreen controller on their smart lock. Many users are perfectly satisfied with a push-button smart lock like the Kwikset 888. Our technicians have found that the push-button keypad works as it should and that it provides a reliable means of entry when entering a valid code. Our technicians are also pleased that the lock also features a traditional keyhole in case you ever need to use a physical key to open the door.

As far as the Z-Wave functionality is concerned, our technicians feel that this Kwikset Smart Lock is very reliable in communicating with a Z-Wave controller or hub. This is true whether you operate the lock from your security panel or from an interactive automation platform like Total Connect 2.0 or We have tested this lock with a wide-variety of security systems available on our site, and we have found that it works well across the board with any panel that supports this type of control.

Another feature that our technicians have spoken highly of is the ability to create smart scenes for the Kwikset 888 from Total Connect 2.0 or By creating smart scenes, you can have the lock activate automatically based on a set schedule or with certain system events. This is useful in many instances. You might have the Kwikset 888 lock automatically at 8:30am after you leave for work. Or you could have it unlock the door whenever you disarm your alarm system. There are many possibilities, and our technicians have tested these features with great success.

Bottom line, we believe that the Kwikset 888 is a great smart lock. We recommend it for anyone wanting a reliable Z-Wave Plus lock for their home automation network.

Kevin, That feature does not work for Zwave Plus locks. The new Tuxedo W The new Tuxedo just released is a Zwave plus controller and that feature should work with it.
Hi Kevin, Yes that is possible and this lock would work with that. This article from our site goes over that process if you wanted more info on how to do that. here is a
Can you please tell me if this lock transmits the unlock code in Z-Wave so that my alarm panel can use that code for Disarm? When paired with the Honeywell Home Tuxedo there is an option for "Disarm with Code" that seems to be able to apply the user supplied code. This would be preferred over using a static code for all that unlock the door.
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