How Do I Reset My SkyBell?

You can reset your SkyBell by pressing and holding its main button for a certain period of time. To perform a soft reset (power cycle), hold the button down for 45 seconds. To perform a hard reset (factory default), hold the button down for 60 seconds. The LED lights will confirm the reset.

A soft reset will have the SkyBell power off and then power back on. All of its programming settings will remain in place. This is also known as a power cycle. To perform a soft reset, press and hold the center button for 45 seconds. The LED light will go from rapidly blinking green to flashing red and green. This will confirm that a soft reset has been performed. It will take about five minutes for the reset process to complete and the LED will rapidly flash Orange while the device is reconnecting to the WIFI network. After that, you can use the SkyBell as normal. Make sure that the SkyBell is functioning properly after the soft reset.

A hard reset will restore all of the SkyBell settings to factory default. This will delete any programming changes that have been made to the device. After conducting a hard reset, you will need to completely reprogram the SkyBell device. This includes re-enrolling it with any interactive services and the SkyBell App. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the center button for 60 seconds. The LED light will go from blinking blue to blinking yellow. This will confirm that a hard reset has been performed. When the device powers back on, it will begin blinking red and green. This will indicate that the device can be synced with any compatible apps and interactive services.

Please note that performing a hard reset on an older version of the SkyBell may prevent it from being able to re-sync with certain applications and services. For that reason, owners of a SkyBell Version 1 should never perform a hard reset on their SkyBell. After a hard reset, the user will need to reprogram any settings that were previously configured.

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