Verizon LTE & IP Dual-Path Communicator for Interlogix Simon Panels


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The XT-511-US-DP-VZ is a dual-path communicator designed for Interlogix Simon Security Panels. The dual-path communicator works across the Verizon LTE Network and through a local IP network using a hardwired ethernet connection. Buy the XT-511-US-DP-VZ from Alarm Grid.
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The XT-511-US-DP-VZ provides dual-path Verizon LTE and IP connectivity for an Interlogix Simon Series System. The module connects the system with the platform for monitoring service. You will also be able to control your security system remotely through

If you own an Interlogix Simon Series Panel, then you will definitely want to make sure it has a reliable communicator installed and activated. A dual-path communicator like the XT-511-US-DP-VZ is great, as it will help ensure that connectivity with is constantly maintained. By using the XT-511-US-DP-VZ, the panel will send out signals across Verizon LTE and IP. Whichever signal reaches the intended destination first will go through, while the other signal will be discarded. Having multiple paths available is very useful if one path ever goes down or becomes unavailable.

For IP service, the panel will use a hardwired ethernet connection. IP connectivity is typically a little bit faster than cellular, so this will usually serve as the primary communication path. However, internet outages are much more common than cellular outages. Having the Verizon LTE Network as a backup communication path is very useful. Verizon has invested tremendous resources in establishing a robust and powerful LTE cellular network. This network is expected to be kept in service for many decades. As a result, going with this communicator is an excellent long-term investment for your panel.

Of course, you will need alarm monitoring service to activate this communicator. Keep in mind that requires that the cellular portion of this communicator be activated. This means that you will need a monitoring plan that includes cellular service to activate the module. If you decide to get monitoring service with Alarm Grid, then you will need a Gold Plan or higher. You can choose between a self-monitoring plan or a full monitoring plan with connectivity to a central monitoring station. Remember that you will be able to access through the website or mobile app to arm/disarm, check system status, control Z-Wave devices, and more.

This dual-path communicator also happens to function as a Z-Wave Plus controller. This will allow you to establish a complete Z-Wave network for use with A variety of different Z-Wave devices can be added, including smart lights, locks, thermostats, and more. Your Z-Wave devices can be included with smart scenes for automation operation based on a schedule or with certain system events. This can be easily configured using scene control on

Please note that this communicator will work with any Interlogix Simon XT (Version 1.3+), Simon XTi, Simon XTi-5, or the all-new Simon XTi-5i System. There is also an AT&T LTE & IP Dual-Path Communicator called the XT-511-US-DP-AT.

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