Yale YRD246

Assure Lock Touchscreen Keyless Deadbolt with iM1 HomeKit Module


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The Yale YRD246 Assure Lock with iM1 HomeKit Module is a smart door lock that replaces a user's standard door lock. The main feature of this lock is to integrate with Apple HomeKit and be controlled through voice commands sent through Siri. Buy the Yale YRD246 with iM1 HomeKit Module here.
  • Apple HomeKit

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The Yale YRD246 Assure Lock with iM1 HomeKit Module is a smart lock that works with Apple HomeKit. A user can control the lock from anywhere using voice commands sent through Siri. This requires the use of a HomeKit Hub, such as an Apple TV or iPad. The device replaces a standard door lock.

The features for the YRD246 make it one of the most versatile and reliable locks available on the market today. It meets Grade 2 Deadbolt Operational and Security Standards, which helps to ensure the lock will provide trustworthy protection for the home or business. A user can enter codes into the lock's touchscreen keypad to lock or unlock the device. By pairing it with HomeKit, up to 250 codes (between four and eight digits) can be used with the lock. The device is paired with HomeKit using the Yale Secure App.

Integrating the lock with HomeKit is essential for getting the most out of the device. By using their iOS device, the user can control the lock from anywhere with Siri voice commands. The user can also receive device notifications, create customized lock settings and check the current lock status at any time. This makes the lock great for owners of the Honeywell Lyirc Controller, which is one of the best HomeKit-compatible systems available on the market today. Other features for the YRD246 include a weather-protection gasket, one-touch locking functionality, backlit numbers, a privacy button and a tamper-resistant battery cover.

Note: This version of the Yale YRD246 comes equipped with the Yale iM1 Network Module for Apple HomeKit compatibility. It does not speak Z-Wave with this module installed.

Brand: Yale

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