Honeywell VISTA: Program *48, Report Format

Frankie explains how to make changes to the Report Format *48 field in your VISTA security system.

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The VISTAs are Honeywell's wired security line. They are some of the most popular security systems you can find out in the field. In this video Frankie will take you through programming a VISTA security system's *48 report format mode. Generally not changed by end users, this format will tell the system how to communicate with the central station. The most common is CONTACTID, which is the default format. But for those who are with a central station that requires a different format for communication, this video is a great resource for helping you determine what you need to do to get your security system working with your central station.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid again, here in the Alarm Grid video lab. And today, we're working with the 6160V and the VISTA-21iP panel. So, what we're going to do today is program the report format. So, the VISTA panels generally are on Contact ID by default, and normally, you want to keep it there. Just in case, if your panel has been reprogrammed by another company or at any point has been changed from that programming, or if your central station requires a different format, we can show you how to change that here. Generally, we do recommend keeping it on four digit Contact ID, just because that's the most popular language for reporting back to a central station. So, we'll go ahead and show you how to do that.

So, again, we'll get into programming using your installer code followed by 800. We use the default 4112. If you've changed yours, you'd want to use that code here. If you're not sure of your installer code, you can reach out to your alarm company or use the back door programming method, which we have in a different video you can check out in our channel. So, now, we're in programming. Because it's an alphanumeric keypad, we have installer code 20 on the display. Now, in order to set the reporting format, we'll go ahead and enter star 48. And it'll show report format, primary and secondary. So, what this is going to do is, that's a two field selection. The first field is for the first partition and the second field is for the second partition.

So, in order to set four digit Contact ID, it's a 7. Now, you're going to see eight different selection possibilities, and you can find that in the VISTA-21iP programming guide under star 48. But for today's purposes, we're going to set it to four digit Contact ID, which is the most popular language for this to speak. So, we'll hit 7 for partition one, and then 7 for partition two. This will be our primary and secondary Contact ID setting. It will automatically jump to the next field, which is 49. We'll then hit star 99 to exit programming.

We'll give that a minute. It'll say "DISARMED, Ready to Arm," and now you've changed or kept your system on Contact ID, specifically the four digit selection, so that your system can now speak to a central station using either a phone line if you've already programmed the phone number into the system, or long range radio with the internet or cellular communications. So, if you have any other questions regarding the account number on your VISTA panel, please email us at, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.