Honeywell VISTA: Reset Master Code

Frankie explains how to reset your master code on a wired, vista security system.

We apologize for the mis-leading title and information in the video. On a VISTA system, there isn't really a way to "reset" the master code. You can only change the master code. The video he referenced at the end was to show how you can use the installer code to change the master code instead of using the existing, known master code. That command would be entering the existing Installer Code + 802 + desired 4-digit master code.
This video is titled "Reset Master Code", yet I wasted my time to see you describe how to change master code. Then, in the end, you state that you will provide a different video on how to "Reset master code".. This is a JOKE.

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The master code is one of two important user codes on a security system. While the installer code will allow an installer (or an end user with access to the code) into the installer program menu, the master code is the programming that end users are most familiar with. This allows an user to add new user codes, monitor many of the system's functions. It is also the code, usually, that is most often used to arm and disarm the system. Default, systems are factory-made with an installer code of 1-2-3-4. However, keeping this code is extremely insecure, and will leave a homeowner vulnerable. We strongly recommend that this user code be changed. In this video, Frankie walks an end user through making those important changes to the system.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at AlarmGrid here. We're in the video lab working on our 6160RF keypad connected to a VISTA-21iP panel.

In order to change your master user code, we're going to run through a few different ways to approach this on your VISTA panel. Now, this will also apply to a VISTA15P and 20P as well. What we're going to do first, we still have our master and installer codes on default-- the master user code being at 1234 and the installer code being at 4112.

So there are two ways to reset the master code. If you already have the master code and you know what it is, you can enter that code followed by 8 and then 02 for the master user slot number followed by the new code twice. So let's go ahead and try that with the master code.

We'll do 1234, which is our current master code, 8, where it says code there, 02, and then we'll try 4567. That's the first time. 4567, that's the second time. We got a single beep there, not a long error tone.

If you've got a long error tone, which we can try here again-- So now it's on 4567. 4567, we'll do 802. I'll try to put it on--



--what I know is already my installer code. So when you get that long error tone, it means that it did not take and the master code is still not reset. So we still have it at 4567 here. So what I'm going to do is set it back to our default 1234.

4567, 8 for code. 02 for the user number, which is a sign of the master. And then 1234 twice. That's once.



That's twice. We get the single beep. Now we can test. 1234, stay.


And the Armed Stay.


We can now do a disarm--



--and disarm the system. So we had the master code changed. I set it back to what it originally was set to. In your case, you can set it to whichever four digit code you like to set it to.

So that's how you change the master user code in this system. We'll get into changing the installer code here momentarily. If you do you ever need to reset your master code and you're not sure what it is, there's also a selection in programming for that, which by using your installer code you can get-- actually get in and reset that. And we'll do it a different video on that as well.

So if you have any other further questions for us, you can email us at Also please subscribe to our channel.