Using the Tuxedo Touch as a Keypad for Lyric Alarm System

Using the Tuxedo Touch as a Keypad for Lyric Alarm System

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Using the Tuxedo Touch as a Keypad for Lyric Alarm System


Hey, DIYers. I'm George with AlarmGrid. Today we're going to be going over if you can use the Tuxedo Touch as a keypad for the Lyric Controller. The simple answer to that is going to be no. I'm going to go into a couple of reasons explaining on why and what the Tuxedo actually is, and what the Lyric Controller actually is. So the Tuxedo Touch is a keypad that's used for a wired system usually. It adds a Z-Wave capability to your wired systems. So it actually allows you to create scenes, add Z-Wave devices, run scenes locally. If you have the system monitored, you can also use a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi and create the scenes remotely through the application Total Connect. Now, one thing about this, yes, it is a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, but, however, that does not mean that Tuxedo Touch acts as a communicator for your VISTA panel. Meaning this-- adding it to your system only does not mean you can send out central station-- or signals to a central station. This does not act as a communicator. It will not send out central station signals. What sends out central station signals is an alarm net communicator for your VISTA panels or your wired panels. That's usually going to be an iGSMV4G, a GSMV4G, a 7847i-- these are all either dual-path, GSM communicators, or internet only communicators. Again, this has a Wi-Fi. It is a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, but I just-- what it works is you can use the IP address from-- and open up a web browser, type in the IP to the Tuxedo, and you can emulate the screen locally. So that's what the Wi-Fi is built in and used for. It also brings in the weather from AccuWeather. There's a couple of other things that the Wi-Fi is useful here. But the main thing I want to know is that the Wi-Fi [? does ?] not a communicator. So those of you that are getting VISTA panels with a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, keep in mind that is not a communicator for your VISTA panel. It is only a touchscreen keypad-- one of the few available for a wired system-- and it enables-- or it gives your panel the capability to do Z-Wave. It does not act as a communicator to the central station. Now the Lyric Controller, this is Honeywell's wireless all-in-one self-contained system. So if you had a wired panel and a Lyric Keypad-- or a wired panel and a Tuxedo Touch keypad and maybe a couple of other keypads off to the side, that's your whole system, right? Everything is spread out. This is self-contained. Everything that was spread out on a wired system is put in-- condensed into one little panel-- which here is what we have the Lyric Controller. This has Wi-Fi and Z-Wave built in. So the Wi-Fi on this panel actually will act as a communicator. You can also add cellular communicator to it. We have the AT&T LTE, AT&T 3G, and a Verizon LTE that will be coming out shortly. But again, this is an all-in-one system. This will send signals to the central station. Now, like I was saying, this is a self-contained system. It's an all-in-one which means you cannot use a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi on that system. The only keypad that's available for the Lyric Controller at the moment is the Lyric Keypad. Product is going to be called the LKP500, yeah? It's a touchscreen keypad. It doesn't have the same graphic user interface that the Lyric Controller has. It's just buttons. But they are touchscreen. They're not push button. You're going to learn it in wirelessly. The only wiring that you need for that keypad-- it actually comes with-- it's an LT cable, and you do need to wire it up to power it on. So that's going to be connected to your system wirelessly through [? SiX ?] technology. And, again, that is the only keypad available for Lyric. The Lyric Keypad, the LKP500, will not work on any other systems. So they only work with each other. The Lyric Controller and the Lyric Keypad are only compatible with each other. And again, the same thing with the Lyric Controller. It has Z-Wave built in. It allows you to create scenes and run the scenes locally. It allows you to include and exclude any Z-Wave devices-- so Z-Wave door locks, lights, thermostats, garage door controllers-- anything like that you have learned in the panel-- you can control from the system. And if you have it monitored you can control it through Total Connect. It allows you to control it remotely. The video-- you can also view the video through the Lyric Controller. So it allows-- if you have any of the old gen or new generation IP cameras, you can actually view them straight on the panel. And if you have, again, monitored or self-monitored plan, then you have the Total Connect video service, then you can view them through the app. So again, guys, just a brief overview. The Tuxedo Touch is not a compatible keypad for the Lyric. The only keypad available for the Lyric Controller is the LKP500, which is the Lyric Keypad. 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