What Automation Options Do I Have For TC2 That Don't Include Z-Wave Devices?

The automation options you have for TC2 that don't include Z-Wave devices include server-to-server integrations for August WIFI Door Locks, WIFI programmable thermostats from the Honeywell Home and Total Connect Comfort lineups, and compatible Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Controllers.

Total Connect 2.0 is a monitoring and automation platform for use with Honeywell and Resideo Security Systems. Normally when you think of automation devices for Total Connect 2.0, you think of Z-Wave devices. Whenever you pair a Z-Wave device with a security system that is monitored with service that includes access to Total Connect 2.0 for automation, that Z-Wave device will automatically be pushed from the panel to TC2. This will allow you to control the Z-Wave device from both the panel and Total Connect 2.0. You can also build smart scenes around Z-Wave devices to have them activate automatically based on a set schedule and/or with predetermined system events.

While we strongly recommend using Z-Wave automation devices with Total Connect 2.0 whenever possible, there are specific server-to-server integrations for certain WIFI devices that can be used as well. These integrations are completed within the Devices Menu of Total Connect 2.0. You will need to provide your account credentials for the platform associated with the device you are integrating. This is what gives Total Connect 2.0 the authorization to tell the outside platform to perform device commands. One important note for the server-to-server integrations is that they cannot typically be used with TC2 smart scenes. That is a big reason why Z-Wave devices are often strongly preferred for use with TC2, as those devices can almost always be readily used with TC2 scenes.

When a server-to-server command is executed in TC2, the Total Connect 2.0 service sends the command to the platform associated with the device in question, and then that platform sends the signal to the actual device for the command to be performed. Remember that the Devices Menu will only appear within the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App if automation services are enabled on your Total Connect 2.0 account. This must be done by your monitoring company. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, then you will need a Silver Plan or higher to gain access to this menu. Alarm Grid customers should email us at support@alarmgrid.com if they need to upgrade or are having trouble.

The list of outside integrations available for Total Connect 2.0 isn't too extensive, but you might still find them useful. Compatible WIFI August Smart Locks can be integrated so that you can lock and unlock your door from TC2. In order to connect through WIFI, you will need the August Connect WIFI Bridge. This will require sharing your August account information with TC2. Again, you will be unable to set up Total Connect 2.0 smart scenes for use with an August WIFI Smart Lock. For this reason, using the August Smart Lock Pro via Z-Wave may be preferred.

Most WIFI thermostats from Honeywell Home and Resideo can be integrated with the platform. This includes the Lyric Round Thermostat, the Lyric T5 Thermostat, Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI, Total Connect Comfort Thermostats, and RedLink Thermostats. Although you cannot create TC2 smart scenes for use with WIFI thermostats, there are some cases where you can control a compatible Honeywell WIFI Thermostat from a Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel. More information on using Honeywell WIFI Thermostats with TC2 can be found in this comprehensive FAQ.

Lastly, TC2 supports an integration for Chamberlain LiftMaster MyQ Garage Doors. The MyQ integration is a bit limited, as you cannot include it directly with TC2 smart scenes. There is a work-around to have your Honeywell System respond to the change in status of your MyQ Garage Door, but you cannot have the MyQ Garage Door respond automatically to the system. More information on using LiftMaster MyQ Garage Doors with Total Connect 2.0 can be found in this FAQ.

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