8 Zone Hardwired Expansion Module for PowerSeries NEO

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The DSC HSM2108 is a hardwired zone expansion module that adds eight (8) additional hardwired zones to a DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm System. This is necessary for maximizing the number of hardwired system zones. Purchase the DSC HSDM2108 Hardwired Zone Expansion Module from Alarm Grid.
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Update: The DSC HSM2108 is now compatible with the newer IQ Pro panels. Each HSM2108, adds another eight (8) hardwired zones to the IQ Pro.

The DSC HSM2108 adds eight (8) additional hardwired zones to a DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm System. This module is needed if you want to use additional wired sensors beyond what the panel's board can support. The 32, 64 and 128 zone versions of the NEO only have eight (8) on-board terminals.

There are many great features that make the HSM2108 an excellent hardwired zone expansion module. The device offers fully supervision expansion to ensure that there is reliable continuous communication with the panel. A tamper contact input allows sensor supervision. This is important for detecting if anyone tries to tamper with or disable your sensors. The expansion module connects with the panel via a 4-wire Corbus. The product allows for a variety of wiring configurations, including a home run, daisy-chaining, or tee-tapped anywhere on the Corbus. All communications back to the panel are fully encrypted for added protection. The device allows for no end-of-line, single end-of-line, and double end-of-line loops using 5,600 Ohm resistors.

When adding multiple DSC HSM2108 modules, make sure to consider the maximum number of zones that the panel can support. You cannot add more DSC HSM2108 Zone Expanders than what the panel will allow. Remember that each panel comes with eight (8) hardwired zone terminals already. The DSC HS2032NK can support 32 zones, so you can only add a maximum of three (3) HSM2108 Modules. For the DSC HS2064NK that supports 64 zones, this limit is seven (7) HSM2108 modules. And for the 128-zone DSC HS2128NK, the limit is 15 HSM2108 modules.

Keep in mind that you are not restricted to only using hardwired sensors with a DSC PowerSeries NEO Security System. If you add a PowerG Wireless Transceiver, then you can also use wireless PowerG Sensors. These sensors are fantastic, as they offer an extremely impressive advertised wireless range of 2km in an open air environment. If you need to extend this range, you can use a PowerG Repeater. The PowerG Sensors also utilize 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. For adding a PowerG Wireless Transceiver, we strongly recommend using the DSC HS2LCDRF9 N Keypad. This device will double as both a keypad and PowerG Transceiver. Since you need a keypad for the system anyway, this makes an ideal purchase. Remember that the combined wireless and hardwired zones cannot exceed the maximum zone limit.

The DSC HSM2108 measures 45mm by 92mm. It has a maximum board current draw of 40 mA. It uses 12VDC of voltage. It is compatible with all DSC PowerSeries NEO Security Systems. A metal enclosure is purchased separately.

Brand: DSC

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