How Do I Install the Honeywell Home 6290W on a VISTA TURBO Panel?

You can install the Honeywell Home 6290W on a VISTA TURBO Panel by powering the system down, and completing the 4-wire connection between the panel and the keypad. The 6290W will use terminals Y,-,+,and G. Then power on the security panel, and assign the 6290W to an open AUI address slot.

This FAQ is for a VISTA TURBO Panel only, such as a VISTA-128BPT or VISTA-250BPT. If you want to see the process for a VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, VISTA-21iP, or VISTA-21IPLTE Panel, check out this FAQ instead. But if you have a VISTA TURBO, then complete the following steps to install a 6290W:

1. Power down the system. To power down the Honeywell VISTA TURBO, disconnect its backup battery, and unplug its transformer. Do not continue until you are sure that the VISTA TURBO Alarm Panel is not receiving power.

2. Wire at the panel. The Honeywell Home 6290W Keypad is set up using a 4-wire connection. We recommend using 18-gauge, 4-conductor wire for this job. But if you have slightly thicker or thinner cabling, that is alright. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to double up 2-conductor wire if that's what you have on-hand. Just make very sure you do not mix up the wires if you use multiple wires of the same color.

The following connections should be made, assuming you are using a 4-conductor wire of traditional color:

  • Red Wire at Terminal 6 for PWR
  • Black Wire at Terminal 7 for GND
  • Green Wire at Terminal 8 for Data In
  • Yellow/White Wire at Terminal 9 for Data Out

Alternatively, if you are using an auxiliary power supply, then the Black Wire should instead connect at DC Negative (-) on the power supply, and the Red Wire should instead connect at DC Positive (+) on the power supply. You must also connect a common ground wire between DC Negative (-) on the power supply and Terminal 7 on the VISTA TURBO Alarm Panel.

3. Pass wire through wallplate. Before you proceed any further, you should remember to run the unconnected wire end through the 6290W wallplate. This is very important for when you go to mount the keypad. If you plan to install the keypad in a different location than the VISTA Panel, then run the wire to that general location first. Also pass the wire through a prepared hole in the wall if the keypad is being wall-mounted. Then pass the unconnected wire through the 6290W wallplate at the end. Check and make sure that the end of the wallplate that connects with the 6290W Keypad is facing toward the unconnected end of the wire. Remember that the maximum allowed wire run for the 6290W when using 18-gauge wire is 350 feet.

4. Wire to the keypad. The 6290W connects with the panel using a 4-wire connection. Take the unconnected end of the wire, and complete the following connections:

  • Green Wire at G Terminal
  • Black Wire at Negative (-) Terminal
  • Red Wire at Positive (+) Terminal
  • Yellow Wire at Y Terminal

5. Restore panel power. To restore panel power, reconnect AC power (transformer) first, and then backup power (battery) second. Check the 6290W Keypad, and make sure that it powers on. If not disconnect all panel power, check the connections between the panel and the keypad, and try again.

6. Choose a device address. You must now assign the 6290W Keypad to an AUI address on the system. For a VISTA TURBO Panel, there are six (6) AUI slots available. Don't forget that the Total Connect 2.0 Interactive Platform will use one of these slots if that service is being used. Technically, any available address can be used on the 6290W.

Select the following options from the main screen of the 6290W to access the ECP Addresses screen:

  • Setup
  • System Setup
  • CS Setup
  • Enter the Installer Code (default 4140)
  • ECP Addresses

From there, you can use the up and down arrows to select the ECP Address for the 6290W. Remember that you must choose an ECP Address that is supported by the VISTA TURBO Panel. Then press the checkmark button to save the change. Then return to the main screen of the 6290W.

7. Enable ECP Address. Now you will enable the ECP Address set for the 6290W Keypad. You must do this from a keypad that is already enabled and working on the VISTA TURBO System. Make sure to use an Alphanumeric Keypad for this process. Trying to do this with a Fixed English Keypad is impossible. Remember, any available address can be enabled as an AUI keypad, just as long as no two separate devices are assigned to the same physical address.

Start by entering programming with the command [Installer Code] + [8] +[000]. The default Installer Code on a VISTA TURBO Alarm Panel is 4140. When you reach "Program Mode, * = Fill, # = View", press [#] + [93] . You can find all menu-driven programming from this location. Each menu-driven option will be prompted, starting with "Zone Prog? 1 = Yes 0 = No", and you should keep pressing [0] for No, until you reach "Device Prog?", at which you should press [1] for Yes.

One you are inside Device Programming, enter the two-digit device address you selected for the 6290W earlier, and then press [*] to confirm. Then set the follow parameters:

  • Device Type = 01 (Alpha Console)
  • Console Part. = Partition Number you wish the 6290W to treat as its "Home"
  • Sound Option = 0 - No Suppression, 1 - Suppress Arm/Disarm & Entry/Exit beeps, 2 - Suppress Chime Beeps, 3 - Suppress Arm/Disarm, Entry/Exit, & Chime Beeps
  • Keypad Glbl? = 0 - No - This should always be a No, the 6290W will automatically behave as a Global Keypad.
  • Auto-Stay Arm Disabled? = 1 = Auto-Stay programming will be ignored when arming via this keypad. 0 - Auto-Stay programming will be in effect when arming from this keypad (usually used for the Virtual Keypad assigned to Total Connect 2.0)
  • AUI? = 1 - Yes. The 6290W is an AUI (Advanced User Interface)

From there, you will return to the Device Address prompt. Enter [00] + [*]. You will reach the "Quit Menu Mode?" screen. Enter [1], followed by [*] + [99] to exit panel programming.

8. Mount the keypad. You can now finish mounting the 6290W. The keypad is typically mounted to a wall. While holding the wall plate up against the wall, mark the four (4) spots where screws will install. Use a level to make sure that everything is nice and even. Drill holes at the designated spots, and insert a wall anchor into each one. You can then screw in the wall plate using the four device screws that are included. Lastly, secure the 6290W to the wallplate.

Note: If you are replacing an older Tuxedo Touch WIFI or 6280 Keypad, then you can just take off the old keypad from its wallplate, disconnect its wires, and attach the existing wires to the 6290W. You can then connect the 6290W to the old wallplate. This is thanks to the retrofit design of the 6290W that makes it compatible with the existing wall plates for the Tuxedo Touch WIFI and 6280 Touchscreen Keypads.

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