Honeywell LYNX 5100 External Sounder Installation Manual and Setup Guide

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Options for External Sounders on the L5000
The L5000 is intended to use the 5800Wave Wireless Siren if additional sounding is needed. There is no Siren output. If you want to add Hardwire Sirens you have the two options below. 1. If you desire a sounder in a location where you can not get a wire from the L5000 you have the option to use a Wireless 5800RL following this setup:

2. If you can get a wire from the L5000 to where you want the sounder you can use this setup:
(An Altronix RBSN-TTL relay and power supply are required)

Due to the 3mA current limit of the L5000 output trigger, the Altronix TTL Sensitive relay must be used. A jumper wire is required from TRG+ to the POS+ terminal, as well as a common ground. In Device Programming, program the Trigger with an Action and Start and Stop event, such as “Permanent On, Start on System Operation-Any Burglar Alarm, Stop on System Operation-Bell Timeout.


Tech Support Updated 6/23/11