Honeywell L5100PK

L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Honeywell l5100pk consists of 1 l5100 3 5816s 1 5800pir res 1 5834 4 a lynxrchkit sc battery and a transformer

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The L5100PK is the most well-known security system kit that Honeywell has ever released. Complete with three of the bulkier 5816 door/window sensors, a single 5834-4 key fob, a 5800PIR-RES motion sensor, all that is needed to make this unit ready for installation and monitoring is an LT-Cable and a compatible communicator. Get the most advanced security system ever released and never feel unprotected again!

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The Honeywell L5100PK is a L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system kit that includes a L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel, (3) 5816 wireless door and window sensors, a 5800PIR-RES wireless pet immune motion detector and a 5834-4 wireless security key fob. Unlike the Honeywell L5000PK LYNX Touch wireless security system, which includes the older L5000 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel, the L5100PK includes the newer, more advanced L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel.

The L5100PK wireless security system has all of the great features included in all Honeywell wireless security systems. It provides perimeter protection using the (3) 5816 wireless door or window sensors and interior protection with the 5800PIR-RES wireless motion detector so that you home is protected from multiple types of intrustion. You can use the 5834-4 wireless security key fob to arm or disarm the system from anywhere within range of the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. The 5834-4 can also be used to trigger an instant panic alarm should you be home while an intruder is trying to break in. The L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel itself has many exciting features as well. The built-in alarm siren will scare away any intruders whenever an alarm is activated by one of the alarm devices. The brilliant touchscreen display is both attractive and extremely easy to use. The included backup battery provides up to (4) hours of standby power during any power outages or whenever the LYNX Touch alarm control panel is unplugged.

Aside from the traditional security features found in any Honeywell wireless security system, the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system can be upgraded with numerous other advanced security features. If you add the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE Z-Wave® controller, you will be able to control your home’s lights, locks and thermostats using any Z-Wave module. You will be able to enter your home, disarm your L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system and, with a few taps of the touchscreen display, turn on your home’s lights, set your thermostats to a comfortable temperature and lock all of your deadbolts. The L5100PK is the first Honeywell wireless security system to fully integrate home security with home automation.

Another wonderful feature of the Honeywell L5100PK wireless security system is that it is compatible with the Honeywell's L5100 Connect app which is Honeywell's product that allows you to pair your unit with an iOS app locally over your wifi network. Replacing the MID-7H, this app allows complete control of your L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system if it is upgraded with internet (L5100-WIFI) alarm communications. The app will allow users to arm or disarm your security system, check system status and control any Z-Wave home automation devices installed in your home.

The Honeywell L5100PK LYNX Touch wireless security system can certainly be used as a local security system. When an intruder breaks in, the L5100 wireless alarm control panel will sound an alarm which hopefully scares the intruder away. However, for added protection and peace of mind, you can upgrade your L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system with an AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator. An AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator would send all alarm signals, trouble signals and status messages from your L5100 wireless alarm control panel to Alarm Grid’s central station so that a live operator can respond to the signal received and call the local authorities if needed. If you add the AlarmNet ILP5 internet alarm monitoring communicator, you will need to wire an Ethernet cable from your home network’s wireless router to the LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. With the ILP5 connected to your home’s network, all alarm signals will be sent out via your broadband internet service. The AlarmNet L5100-WIFI is an even better option for internet alarm monitoring communications as it is a WiFi enabled device that does not need an Ethernet connection. Simply install the L5100-WIFI internet alarm communicator inside your L5100 wireless alarm control panel and your security system’s alarm signals will transmit wirelessly to your router to be sent out to Alarm Grid’s central station. While the ILP5 and L5100-WIFI are great options for advanced alarm monitoring communications, the AlarmNet GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm monitoring communicator may be an even better option. Instead of relying on your home’s internet service which has the potential to go down with either a power outage, a problem with your router or modem or even a simple internet service provider error, the GSMVLP5-4G needs no device or connection within your home. The GSMVLP5-4G uses AT&T’s advanced 4G wireless GSM network to send your L5100 wireless security system’s alarm signals to Alarm Grid’s central station. Cellular alarm communications are more reliable and secure than internet alarm communications. Of course, you also have the option to use the L5100-WiFi as your primary alarm communicator and then have the GSMVLP5-4G installed as a backup alarm communicator in case of a problem with your internet connection. No matter which AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator you choose, you can be confident that when your Honeywell L5100PK LYNX Touch wireless security system detects an intrusion Alarm Grid will be there to respond.

AlarmNet’s advanced Total Connect 2.0 interactive service ties together all of the great features of your L5100 wireless security system. With any web browser or with an app on your iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ mobile device, you can fully control your LYNX Touch wireless security system. Total Connect 2.0 and the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system allow you to arm or disarm your wireless alarm control panel, control any of your Z-Wave modules to turn on your home’s lights, locks or thermostats and receive instant email and/or text message notifications from anywhere that you have an internet connection. The Honeywell L5100PK wireless security system brings together all that Honeywell and AlarmNet have to offer.


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Submitted on 02/04/2014

I bought this ala carte as I had an older Ademco panel so my sensors were all 5800 style and easy to enroll into the new Lynxtouch. Any questions I had were answered and walked through while I was at the panel. Security Language and terminology takes a little thinking but like anything else learn able. This system puts you in control rather than my old alarm system I wa married to the company if I wanted to make changes. This sytem is awesome to expand and really secure your home Smoke and Fire monitoring is included. The straight forward thinking of this company will continue to build loyal customers simply. Between all the online manuals and Help Videos you learn alot.

Great all around system
Submitted on 10/03/2012

Installation was super easy. Instructions are for the majority straight forward and it's pretty user friendly. L5100PK suits my needs. Highly recommended as a low-cost alarm system.

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