Honeywell L5100PK-4G

L5100 LYNX Touch Cellular Wireless Security System

Honeywell l5100pk 4g 5811 l5100 lynx touch cellular wireless security system with 5811 window and door sensors

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Using the cellular communicator, this kit takes advantage of the L5100's ability to take advantage of today's most secure monitoring option. With the 4G communicator installed, your panel will never be at risk of losing signal.

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The Honeywell L5100PK-4G is an L5100 LYNX Touch cellular wireless security system kit that includes an AlarmNet 4G cellular alarm monitoring communicator. Honeywell cellular wireless security systems are truly wireless as the alarm monitoring communicator installed inside the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system connects to Alarm Grid’s central station over AT&T’s wireless GSM cellular network. You do not have to connect any telephone or Ethernet wires to have this home security system monitored by Alarm Grid.

The L5100 LYNX Touch cellular wireless security system includes a L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel, an AlarmNet GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm monitoring communicator, (3) 5811 wireless door and window sensors, a 5800PIR-RES wireless pet immune motion detector and a 5834-4 wireless security key fob. The L5100PK-4G is essentially a L5100PK LYNX Touch wireless security system that has been upgraded with the GSMVLP5-4G. The GSMVLP5-4G is AlarmNet’s first 4G capable cellular alarm monitoring communicator. While it works with AT&T’s advanced 4th generation (4G) cellular GSM network, it will also work with the older 3G and 2G networks. In fact, the cellular alarm monitoring communicator will automatically connect to whichever network has the strongest cellular signal to ensure that your alarm signals will be received by Alarm Grid’s central station. AT&T’s 4G cellular network is the fastest GSM technology available today. Even though cellular alarm data is relatively small in size and therefore does not require 4G speeds, 4G cellular alarm monitoring communicators are still extremely valuable. All cellular data uses the same frequency channels and overall cellular data usage continues to increase at an alarming rate. Therefore AT&T has already begun to stop servicing their older 2G network to free up throughput for the more advanced 3G and 4G networks which are used for streaming video and other technologies that use large amount of cellular data. Eventually, the 2G cellular network will not be supported at all. As all cellular alarm monitoring communicators installed today only use the 2G network, many people are going to be left without a cellular alarm communication path for their cellular security systems. Invest in the future by installing a L5100 LYNX Touch cellular wireless security system that uses the newer 3G and 4G cellular networks today!

While the L5100PK LYNX Touch wireless security system would require a device upgrade to be compatible with AlarmNet’s Total Connect 2.0 interactive service, the L5100PK-4G cellular security system has everything you need to take advantage of the amazing Total Connect 2.0 service. With a Total Connect 2.0 subscription, you will be able to remotely control your security system from any web browser or from an application on your iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ mobile device. You can also setup your Honeywell cellular wireless security system to send you an instant email and/or text message whenever an alarm signal is generated. You will be able to know exactly when your LYNX Touch cellular security system is being armed or disarmed and you will know who is arming or disarming the system as well. If you add a Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE Z-WAVE® controller to your L5100 LYNX Touch cellular wireless security system, you will even be able to use your Total Connect 2.0 account to remotely control your Z-Wave home automation modules from anywhere that has internet access.


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Great kit!
Submitted on 09/14/2012

After tons of research and many helpful calls to Alarm Grid with endless questions (sorry!) I finally chose this kit to build my security system. I added some extra wireless transmitters for all my doors and windows but this had everything else I needed. Love the cellular communicator because I can use Total Connect on my iPhone to check on my alarm system while I'm at work. This kit is also less expensive than buying the L5100PK and the cell communicator separately so that was a nice added bonus. Would recommend to anyone looking for wireless system that can do it all!

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