Are All 6160’s Alphanumeric Keypads For Programming?

Yes. The Honeywell 6160 keypad series all provide a 2 line, 32 character alpha keypad display which allows access to the field star (*) 53 zone programming and provides full feedback during programming. The 6160 keypad series can also program custom zone descriptions and easily navigate through the programming menu.

There are 6 keypads in the 6160 keypad series all providing the same functions of the original 6160 with one added feature.

The Honeywell 6160V is an addressable alphanumeric keypad with a “Voice: The 6160V has the feature of voice chime and will announce Fault Zone (and the zone number) or descriptor where the zone number would be. The 6160V also has the feature of “Voice Status” and will announce the panel status whenever the status changes or on request by entering the status command.

The 6160RF is an addressable alphanumeric keypad that is basically 3 units all in one. It’s a 6160 keypad with a built in 5881ENH wireless receiver and a 5800TM module. This allows users to install Honeywell’s 5800 series wireless devices and will support as many wireless devices the Honeywell Vista control panel provides.

The 6160PX is an addressable Remote Keypad with a built-in Proximity Reader. The Vista system can be armed or disarmed with the swipe of a proximity tag. Proximity tags are assigned to users. The proximity tags will only arm and disarm one partition.

The 6160CR is an addressable Commercial RED Fire Keypad (all fire panel boxes, keypads and pull stations come in red). The 6160CR is basically the standard 6160 keypad but for commercial fire applications.

The 6160CR-2 is an addressable RED alphanumeric keypad for use with Honeywell fire control panels. It has the same functions as the 6160CR with one added feature. It has a Service Message feature and “Open Circuit Call for Service” will appear on the keypad and a trouble beeping if console loses contact with the control panel for 30 seconds. The beeping can be silenced with entering the star key immediately followed by 6160 (*6160).

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