Can a DSC Impassa be Self-Monitored?

Yes, a DSC Impassa can be self-monitored. To do this, the panel will need to be connected with the interactive service. Any alarm event that occurs will be sent from the system to the server. will then forward the event to the end user via text or email.

A self-monitored system refers to a system that is not connected with a central monitoring station. With this type of monitoring it is not possible to receive any automatic emergency dispatch. Instead, any alarm events will be sent to the end user. It will then be up to them to contact any emergency services. This type of monitoring can be a great option for users who can reliably respond to any alerts.

In order for a DSC Impassa System to do self-monitoring, it must be connected with The reason for this is that any alarm events will first pass through the server before being sent to the end use. In order to work with the platform, a system must receive active cellular service. This is important because the DSC Impassa System does not always come with an integrated cellular communicator. Please note that the DSC Impassa must be running firmware version 1.3 or higher to support the communicator.

Fortunately, a cellular communicator can be added to a DSC Impassa System. This will allow the system to connect with a cellular network. The user will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service. For Alarm Grid customers, these are the Gold and Platinum level plans. We encourage you to check out our monitoring page for more information.

Cellular service provides more benefits than just simply allowing a system to work with It is also widely seen as the best way for an alarm system to connect to a network. This is because cellular service is extremely reliable, and it offers very fast speeds as well. With cellular monitoring, you can be sure that your system is optimized for reliable communication. Additionally, cellular service will continue to work during normal power outages, so your home or business will still be protected when the power is out.

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