Can A Fire Panel Also Work As A Security System?

Yes, the Honeywell Vista-128FBPT control panel can be a fire-only control panel as well as an integrated fire burglary control panel. The Vista 128FBPT also supports access control from 1 to 8 doors when paired with V-Plex addressable Vista Key.

The Vista 128FBPT has 8 on board hardwired zones and 120 hardwired expansion zones using V-Plex addressable zones. The Vista 128FBPT also supports up to 127 wireless expansion zones (less if using hardwire V-Plex zones).

The Vista 128FBPT provides 8 partitions which can control 8 separate areas like having their own separate control panel. Plus a common lobby partition which can be programmed for auto arm and disarm for assigned partitions and a master partition which is used for viewing the status of all partitions.

The Vista 128FBPT supports up to 150 user codes and 250 access cards using Vistakey.

The Vista 128FBPT supports up to 31 alpha keypads (the 6160CR-2 is a red commercial alpha fire keypad) and up to 6 graphic keypads like the 6280 and the Tuxedo Touch WiFi.

The Vista 128FBPT has a log which will store up to 512 events and has event reporting for the fire partition only.

The Vista 128FBPT has automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing and supports four wire smoke reset using on board Form C relay. The Vista 128BPT also has 2 on board NACS delivering a total of 2.3A at 12V.

The Vista 128FBPT is compatible with AlarmNet communicators like the 7847i Internet Communicator and the IGSMCFP4G Dual Communicator connecting to both the internet and a gsm cell communicator. The internet will be the first path of communication when using the IGSMCFP4G.

The Vista 128FBPT supports Honeywell’s 5800 series wireless devices when paired with an RF keypad or wireless receiver.

The Vista 128FBPT is the ideal control panel for professional office buildings, banks, schools, factories and warehouses. 

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