Can a Honeywell LYNX-R Text or Email Me?

No, a Honeywell LYNX-R cannot text or email you. This is because the system is not compatible with Total Connect 2.0, the service that would be used to send these notifications. However, the LYNX-R System can use its Follow Me feature to send direct alerts to the user via a phone call.

The LYNX-R is an all-in-one wireless alarm system. However, the panel isn’t compatible with Total Connect 2.0, which is the cloud-based service that provides Honeywell users with text and email notifications. A user can receive text and email notifications regarding any Honeywell Panel that is compatible with Total Connect 2.0.

The only way for the LYNX-R system to directly notify a user of the system's status and triggered alarms is with its Follow Me feature. This feature instructs the LYNX-R to call a specified phone number and verbally provide the status of the system.

Complete the following steps to set up the Follow Me feature on a LYNX-R system:

1. Access system programming. With the system in a disarmed state, enter the [Installer Code] + [8] + [00] on the keypad. The default Installer Code is 4112. The panel will display the number “20” once it is in system programming.

2. Provide a phone number. Enter [*46*]. This will clear any phone number in the Follow Me programming field. Next, enter [*46], followed by the phone number that should be contacted. Make sure to include a 1 in front of the area code if necessary. Press [*] after the last digit of the phone number to finalize the entry.

3. Select the report types. Enter [*49]. Options 10, 12 and 13 include notification information for quick arming, auto-arming, arming from Compass remote downloading software, arming from key fob zones, and arming from users in slots 5 through 8.

The table below outlines the available options:

Option 10
Alarms, arming information and troubles will be sent to the Follow Me number.
Option 11 All alarms and troubles will be sent to the Follow Me number.
Option 12 Provides the same operation as Option 10.
Option 13
Sends arming information to the Follow Me number.

4. Test the settings. Enter [*99]. The system will return to the main screen. Depending on which notification option was selected, test the system accordingly. Each Follow Me function can be tested by arming and disarming the system, except for option 11. If option 11 was selected, you must trigger an alarm or trouble in order for the Follow Me feature to activate. The panel will call the phone number listed in the *46 field and provide a verbal update. The system will attempt this up to 8 times, until someone answers the phone and presses any key to acknowledge the Follow Me message. Pressing any key on the panel will stop the Follow Me message processing.

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