Can a Window Sensor be Removed w/o Triggering an Alarm?

We occasionally get calls from people trying to figure out how secure these systems really are. They will construct elaborate ways in which someone might defeat the system. The truth is, nothing will keep out the resilient, and very intelligent thief. A well made security system with sensors put in the right places will certainly make it very difficult for anyone (even James Bond) to gain access to your house, but short of having human guards and dogs patrolling your home, The Honeywell suite of products are as good as you can possibly get for a home security system. Not only are they affordable, they are incredibly secure and well made.

To remove a window sensor, while the system is armed, without triggering an alarm you would need to remove both the sensor and the magnet so that the magnet does not separate from the sensor. Generally these sensors are put on the inside of a door, which would make accessing it nearly impossible since a thief would have to be inside in order to accomplish this task.

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