Can I Add Additional Services to My Total Connect 2.0 Account?

Yes, you can add additional services to your Total Connect 2.0 account. By adding additional services to your Total Connect 2.0 account, you will be able to use the Total Connect 2.0 platform in additional ways. Please note that adding additional services may increase your monthly bill.

Total Connect 2.0 is a monitoring and automation platform used exclusively with Honeywell and Resideo Security Systems. When the service is used to its full potential, it offers many useful features and functions. These include arming/disarming, checking current system status, bypassing sensors, controlling Z-Wave devices, and viewing the live feed for TC2 IP Cameras. All of these functions can be performed from the Total Connect 2.0 website or remotely using the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App.

But at the base level, Total Connect 2.0 does not offer much. Most of these features and functions need to be added on by your alarm monitoring company. Without any add-ons, you will really only be able to use TC2 for arming/disarming, checking system status, and bypassing sensors. If you want additional features like automation or video surveillance, then you will need to upgrade your Total Connect 2.0 service by adding additional features to your account. To do this, you must contact your alarm monitoring company.

The process for adding additional features to a Total Connect 2.0 account varies between different monitoring companies. At Alarm Grid, we have different monitoring plans that include access to Total Connect 2.0, along with a different selection of add-on features. The higher the monitoring plan, the more features provided. We recommend checking out our alarm monitoring page for more information.

There may also be other Total Connect 2.0 add-on packages that we can apply to your account. Some of these add-on packages may be provided at no additional charge upon request. Others may result in an increase to your monthly bill. This is done on a case by case basis. If you are an Alarm Grid customer looking to expand upon your Total Connect 2.0 services, we advise emailing us at so that we may discuss your options. Make sure to tell us what you are hoping to do with TC2 so that we can present you with the best solution. And if you are not currently monitored by Alarm Grid, you are welcome to email us to learn more about our monitoring services.

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