Can I Add Zone Expanders To A Honeywell Vista 10P?

Yes, the Honeywell Vista 10P control panel has 6 on board hardwired zones and 16 wireless expansion zones, totaling 22 protection zones. The Vista 10P also has 8 independent keyfob zones allowing 2 wireless keyfobs to be programmed without using any of the 22 zones.

Honeywell provides two options to utilize the 16 wireless expansion zones.

The first option is to add either a 5881ENL which is an 8 zone wireless receiver or a 5881ENM which is a 16 zone wireless receiver. The Honeywell 5881ENH is a unlimited wireless receiver which could also be used but users could only add as many zones as the panel provides, so using more than the 16 wireless zone expander is not necessary.

The second option is to add an RF keypad. Honeywell’s RF keypads have a built in wireless receiver and transmitter module. The Honeywell 6150RF keypad has a built in 5881ENM (16 zone wireless transmitter) and a 5800TM transmitter module. The 6160RF keypad has a built in 5881ENH (unlimited wireless zone receiver) and a 5800TM transmitter module. Using a 6160RF keypad has the advantage of being a programming keypad. Not only does the Honeywell 6160RF support more wireless zones than the 6150RF keypad, it also has a 2-line alphanumeric LCD display. Having the 2 line display allows access to the control panel’s *56 zone programming menus and program custom alpha zone descriptors. The zone programming fields will be displayed on the keypad display to guide users properly as zones are programmed. In addition, zones will be displayed by custom alpha descriptors making the security system very user friendly.

The Honeywell Vista 10P does not support hardwired expansion zones.

The Honeywell Vista 10P control panel is very economical and is ideally suited for residential and small commercial applications. 

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