Can I Connect to the Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 w/ an iPad?

Yes, you can connect to the Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 with an iPad. This is made possible thanks to the Mobile App. The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store. The alarm system will need to be receiving active cellular service to work with

The service provides many options for end users. By accessing the service, a user can arm and disarm their system, control Z-Wave devices, check the current status of sensors and more. This service can be accessed from any web browser. But by using the Mobile App, all of these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere. The Mobile App can be used with any iOS device, and it can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. With this app, a user will be able to use their iPad to control their Simon XTi or XTi-5 System.

In order to use the Mobile App, the user will need an account. This account must be configured with the Simon XTi or XTi-5 System. An alarm system can only work with if it is receiving active cellular service. This requires a compatible cellular communicator and an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity. When purchasing a cellular communicator, we recommend choosing an LTE communicator. By connecting to an LTE cellular network, your panel will receive the fastest possible communication speeds. Also, the LTE network will be supported by the cellular service provider far into the distant future.

Once the cellular communicator for the system is active, your alarm monitoring company should send you the resources needed to get started with This typically consists of an email with instructions on how to log into the account. Follow the instructions in the email to configure the account that will be used with You can then use this account information to access the service using the Mobile App on your iPad.

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